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Thought provoking and a must read if you are serious about knowing the Messiah from the Hebrew Scriptures and viewpoint.

Dennis Karp
Chosen People Ministires, International


“What great timing for this book! It is a wonderful opportunity for Christians to expand their understanding of the ‘Jewish Roots of Christianity’ thereby better understanding the fullness of Yeshua/Jesus as He is foretold in the Older Testament. Then and only then can the New Testament be better understood.


Mary Adriano
President Shoshana Productions.com

“I am glad that Tov is presenting the Hebrew perspective since the Bible is a Jewish book with its authors Jewish. I feel the author is bringing people to look at the Scriptures through the context in which it was first written and bringing us back to this as Christians--restoring what has been lost--our Jewish roots. There is becoming a greater desire for this understanding. Tov Rose is fanning this desire and contributing to peoples' search for more understanding.

Joy Spring
Educator & Serious Bible Student

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