Is it Okay to Question a Christian Worldview? vs.3.0 (Part 5 of O.O.P.A.Art’s)

I haven’t gotten a lot out of my University education. I don’t work in my planned field; I rarely use any of the skills I acquired. I do have one small claim to flame from the period shortly after I graduated, however, and that is that a certain Pop Star who is famous worldwide wanted […]

Is it Okay to Challenge the Christian Worldview? vs.2.0 (Part 4 of OOPAARTS)

OOPARTS, Part 4 Now, you might be ready. If you’re coming to this subject for the first time, you still may want to review Parts II & 3, before reading any further. It forms the basis for what I am about to discuss. If you choose not to go back and read that shorter article—you […]