Obama Not Showing Up to Court in Georgia is BAD for Obama. Here’s Why…

Obama Not Showing Up to Court in Georgia is BAD for Obama. Here’s Why…

Just a little thought that is probably going through the largest cohesive voting group in the USA (That would be the Conservatives, not the Liberals). Yes, 43% of Americans are Conservative. Now, you might think that the rest would be Liberals, right? Wrong. The rest of population is divided into other groups, Liberals being just one of them. So, what is going through the mind of the Majority voting block (conservatives)?

Probably something like this:
Regardless of political persuasion, a sitting U.S. president openly defying a court subpoena for a hearing at which evidence indicating he’s a usurper is entered into the record is newsworthy.

However, a look at mainstream media websites shows an almost total blackout.

CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC did not run any coverage on Thursday’s hearing, with the exception of some local affiliates in Atlanta. The Fox News Channel’s report was a day later.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution was one of the few newspapers to cover the event; however, its coverage did not discuss the ramifications if the judge were to rule Obama ineligible to appear on the ballot.

Obama, who is a private citizen running for the office of the President in 2012 has refused to defend himself in a court case meant to determine if he can be on the ballot in George. Why would a sane person intending to win a campaign refuse to participate?

The strategy decision by Obama to simply ignore the subpoena and the hearing may ultimately backfire, because judges typically aren’t pleased to listen to arguments from someone who wants to introduce evidence during an appeal, when they have refused to do so in the original case. He’s not above the law. That’s a very important thing here. He’s a private person running for office, so he had no business not showing up. So the court can enter the judgment, and then the secretary of state does what he wants with it. And this will have a ripple effect for other secretaries of state, for other states, for the public. Also for any case that could be pending in the Supreme Court, where the issue of Mr. Obama’s eligibility is implicated. This will be significant because of this:

The attorneys challenging Obama’s eligibility to be on the Georgia Ballot were able to enter all of their evidence into the official Court record. Obama and his attorneys did not enter anything at all into the official Court record.

Here’s a little more information for you to understand how important this is…
A Default is a typical result when one side fails to appear for a dispute that’s being adjudicated in court, but in this case, that would have left it wide open for arguments on appeal that had nothing to do with the issue. The challenging parties explained to the judge that awarding a default judgment actually would have been rewarding Obama for failing to respond to the subpoena. The judge was considering just entering a default judgment against Obama. The plaintiffs’ attorneys uniformly did not want the judge to do that because there wouldn’t be any evidence in the record at all.

The judge agreed.

For the first time since court cases challenging Obama’s legal status to hold office as a “natural born citizen” began, evidence has been entered into the official Court record and Obama failed to submit supporting evidence. This is very bad for Obama and will not go away, because approximately 43% of people in the nation will not allow the issue to go away.

Pay attention to this very significant statement:
Although Obama’s lawyer at least made a motion to quash the subpoena for his testimony and records, Obama’s attorneys never even bothered to respond to their/his own motion to produce records showing supporting proof that Obama is eligible to be on the ballot in Georgia.

This is bad for Obama.