New Testament Writers Teaching Jesus is the Creator

The following are quotes from New Testament Writers Teaching Jesus is the Creator, and the Word of God (The Father’s regent, mouthpiece, miracle performer and redeemer). These verses are confirmation of the Jewish Binitarianism taught during the time period before and after Jesus, until about 200AD. This ancient theology taught that there were two entities […]

Must Followers of Jesus Keep Torah to be More Holy than Other Believers?

REVISITED and EXPANDED: Jesus said he came not to destroy the law but to fulfill (Matt 5:17). Here is the full statement: 17 p“Do not think that I have come to abolish qthe Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but rto fulfill them. 18 For truly, I say to you, […]

A Sabbath Candle Lighting Prayer to Challenge You and Tradition

This is the Sabbath Prayer our family does while Lighting the Sabbath Candles. We are not sanctified by Laws and Commandments and instructions of the elders, but by the One who Authored men and women, all of creation, the Bible itself, and brings us into the Presence of his Father. ברוך אתה אדני אלהינו מלך […]

Torah keepers say that ALL followers of Messiah need to keep the Torah? Where does the Bible say that?

Torah keepers say that all followers of Messiah need to keep the Torah.   If this is true, how do you address the objection that the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31 is a completely New Covenant, which in Hebrew it does in fact say it is completely new (Strongs 2319) and NOT renewed (Strongs 2318): […]

What about that Ethiopian Bible that has so many different Books in it?

Thoughts on this?   The canon of the Ethiopic Bible differs both in the Old and New Testament from that of any other churches.   As a whole, books written in the Geez language and on parchment are numerous. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has 46 books of the Old Testament and 35 books of the […]

What Makes John the Baptist a Prophet (and what did it have to do with Jesus)?

How was John the Baptist a Prophet of Israel?   1) he baptized Jews with the baptism of conversion and renunciation of paganism 2) he was supposed to have been leading Temple worship in Jerusalem as High Priest, even as his dad was supposed to have done (the high priest’s office was politically appointed in […]

As Adopted children of the King, how do you treat your natural born siblings?

Posting this again,  but with further comments about perspective at the end:   Pastors and others: Lots of Christians now celebrate passover, because it is God’s wedding feast with Israel. JESUS gave it new meaning by making it a foreshadow event of the wedding/marriage supper of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin […]

Why do so few Jews believe in Jesus, outside of Israel?

WHY DON’T MANY JEWISH PEOPLE ACCEPT JESUS AS MESSIAH? It can be bewildering considering that Yeshua the Messiah was an Israeli-born Jew, grew up in a Jewish community, practiced Jewish laws and customs, worshiped God at the Jewish Temple, his original followers were Jewish, and that all of his teaching was based upon and rooted […]

‘In 1971, Muslims murdered 2.4 million Hindus and raped 200,000 Hindu women’

Originally Posted on August 4, 2014: Will the Muslim violence against the Indian people, and the contamination of barbaric Islamic ideals blended into their culture, ever end? The Israeli’s and Hindus are the largest victims of perpetural Islamic invasions and violence lasting for more than 1,000 years. Muhammad Ali Jinna, a member of the Indian […]

Can Christans Drink Alcohol?

10 Biblical Reasons We Should Appreciate Wine July 30, 2012 by Luke Gilkerson 48 Comments If you know me well, you know I make my own beer and wine. If you know me really well, you know I really enjoy an ice-cold mug of IPA or a nice glass of Malbec. I firmly believe wine is a good […]