‘The Words of Strengthened Israel’ and Was Hebrews Written by Paul? Yes… by Dr. John David Pritcher, Jr., MD

A guest post By John David Pitcher Jr., MD, from “The Oldest Midrash. The Identity of the Messiah” Most of us like to look through family albums. How we have changed throughout the years! Many of us have gotten a few more wrinkles and gray hairs, not to mention that dreaded extra weight! I’ve included […]

“Through ‘The Oldest Midrash’ Can We Prove that the Apostle Paul Went to Mount Sinai?”, by Dr. John David Pritcher, Jr, MD

Tradition (1) has it that the Apostle Paul went to Mount Sinai like Moses and Elijah (1 Kings 19:5-13 just before he anointed Elisha with his sheepskin mantle; see footnote 2 regarding that mantle) before him. Is it true and can we prove it through the Apostle Paul’s Midrash that is present in six of […]

Identity of the Messiah from ‘The Oldest Midrash,’ by Dr. John David Pitcher, Jr, MD

Section from Holman Hunt’s painting, “The Light of the World” Dr. Pitcher By John David Pitcher Jr. I remember as a boy learning how to set the dinner table. On holidays, I got to help set the china and the silverware. Family would come over and we would dine together. Of course there was an […]

“The Prophetic Transference of Elijah’s Mantle”, The Oldest Midrash by Dr. By John David Pitcher Jr., MD

Dr. Pitcher By John David Pitcher Jr., MD   Here is another devotional and a new sketch that is meant to capture the last rays of the sunset on Elijah’s forehead and left hand (and a little on the fingertips of his right hand and a little shimmer on the nearby vegetation!) After a very […]

Is it a New Covenant or a Renewed Covenant?

One Law Torah keepers say that all followers of Messiah need to keep the Torah of Moses. If this is true, how do you address the objection that the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31 is a completely New Covenant, which in Hebrew it does in fact say it is completely New (an Adjective-Strongs 2319) and […]

ONE LAW For JEWS AND NON-JEWS? What Scriptures Really Say?

A Challenge to the Messianic Jewish Community By Daniel Juster and Russ Resnik, reprinted from UMJC.org

One of the glories of life in the Messianic Jewish community is the unity of worship and service between its Jewish and Gentile members within a specifically Jewish context. In recent years, however, a trend has developed that challenges the Messianic Jewish communissue. This trend involves various groups and movements that teach that all Jews […]

Did the name Jesus name originate from the Greek god Zeus?

Did the name Jesus name originate from the Greek god Zeus?   The answer is NO.   The word “Jesus” is the product of a long transliteration process.   First, we started with the original Hebrew Y’HOSHUA.   Second, Y’HOSHUA was shortened to Y’SHUA. (Just like Mike is the short version Michael)   Third, Y’SHUA […]

The Palestinian People are Made Up? Yeah. Here’s the proof from their leader’s mouths…

Does the Palestinian People Exist in History? Israel took no one’s land. The “Occupied West Bank” is propaganda. The land has been known for nearly 3000 years as Judea and Samaria. Judea is the origin of the word, Jews. It is the native homeland of all Jewish people. I challenge you to think through this […]

New Testament Writers Teaching Jesus is the Creator

The following are quotes from New Testament Writers Teaching Jesus is the Creator, and the Word of God (The Father’s regent, mouthpiece, miracle performer and redeemer). These verses are confirmation of the Jewish Binitarianism taught during the time period before and after Jesus, until about 200AD. This ancient theology taught that there were two entities […]

Must Followers of Jesus Keep Torah to be More Holy than Other Believers?

REVISITED and EXPANDED: Jesus said he came not to destroy the law but to fulfill (Matt 5:17). Here is the full statement: 17 p“Do not think that I have come to abolish qthe Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but rto fulfill them. 18 For truly, I say to you, […]