10/11/2010 Trends

One of the things I enjoy spending time doing is looking at Trends. Specifically, Biblical trends or trends of a spiritual nature related to the Bible. I especially enjoy sifting local, regional, national and international news with an eye toward these kinds of trends. I find it even more exciting when keeping an eye out for trends that reveal the subtle movements of God’s hand, and His adversary as well.

It amazes me how our culture can be at two extremes at the same time. The best of everything technologically, for example, while at the same time the worst of everything when it comes to things like morality.

Maybe it is a natural fusion of my degree in Public Relations and my training in the Bible.

What kinds of things (we’ll call these ‘Trends:) do you pick up on from these popular and seemingly random news headlines from the past week?

Now ‘under God’ dropped from Gettysburg Address!
Hospital trust rejects Bible ban – National – West Sussex County Times
FOXNews.com – Report Clears Obama Administration Over Role in Kenya Election, as Congressman Objects
Courts may be critical in ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ battle | McClatchy
Science writer Fred Pearce calls for head of Patchy the UN’s climate change boss | Mail Online
Europe Terror Warning: US State Department Warns Of Attack And Britons Urged To Be Vigilant | World News | Sky News
SAS officers warn that Britain is unprepared for a Mumbai-style attack – Telegraph
Al-Qaida Plans: Bin Laden Said to Have Financed European Terror Plot – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
First look at Ground Zero mosque – NYPOST.com
Art sellers or Mossad spies? – Israel News, Ynetnews
Phone app that tracks planes ‘is aid to terrorists armed with missiles’ | Mail Online
Ads by Aiona allies invoke biblical theme | NewsOK.com
NewsDaily: Big crowd gathers for liberal rally in Washington
Iran says it has beaten Stuxnet worm | Mail Online
Are civil rights pseudo constitutional rights?
FOXNews.com – Centerpiece of Health Overhaul Not Living Up to Expectations
Stewart Resonds to Sanchez Sacking – ABC News
High School Student Wears KKK Robe For History Lesson – News Story – WTAE Pittsburgh
Singapore Math Adopted in More U.S. Schools – NYTimes.com
20 kidnapped in Mexican resort city of Acapulco – Washington Times
Palestinian Leaders Urge End to Talks With Israel – NYTimes.com
Mofaz: Army crushed suicide terrorism in 2nd intifada – Israel News, Ynetnews
timesofmalta.com – Is it alien or human?
At last! An end to the elf ‘n’ safety madness as meddling officials face fines if they ban events | Mail Online
Boulder revises ‘rules of decorum’ for council meetings – Boulder Daily Camera
Potent cancer fighter lies in Keys algae beds – South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
British schools where girls must wear the Islamic veil – Telegraph
U.S. coast at risk as tsunami warning system falters | McClatchy
Boulder police conducting additional interviews in JonBenet Ramsey case – Boulder Daily Camera
Child molester James Toward, 80, ordered to leave country after his release » TCPalm.com
Officials: Man almost chews off brother’s ear
Carjacker Who Couldn’t Drive Stick Sentenced – Local News – W. Palm Beach, FL – News – msnbc.com
Employee Tells Drive-Through Customer To Call 911 – News Story – WTAE Pittsburgh
FOXNews.com – Transgender Sex Shop Exec Reportedly Labeled ‘Conservative’ in San Francisco Race
Family sues ME office after discovering son’s brain was removed – NYPOST.com
Druids recognized as religion for first time in UK – Yahoo! News
Florida man trying to shoo skunk accidentally shoots himself in face
21 Volcanoes Across Country Ready to Erupt | The Jakarta Globe
Despite some legal hassles, Delray Beach drum circles refuse to break rhythm
Delta Sky Magazine rejects ad telling passengers how to avoid baggage fees
Target begins selling Apple’s iPad in stores – Business – Retail – msnbc.com
FOXBusiness.com – China’s Wen offers to buy Greek debt
BofA suspends foreclosures in 23 states – Yahoo! News
New Yorkers hit with nearly 5% state tax on clothing and shoes – NYPOST.com
Most Germans see Muslims as a burden – The Local
Bringing biblical ethics to the workplace – KansasCity.com
How much does it cost to make a penny? – Yahoo! Answers
Madonna dresses her children in their Sunday best… while she and her eldest go casual on family day out | Mail Online
Space gloves are rough on astronaut fingernails – Technology & science – Space – Space.com – msnbc.com
UFOs and the Bible: Close Encounters of the Sacred Kind
NewsDaily: Whale snot, bat sex win 2010 IgNobel spoof prizes
Brain Teasers and Optical Illusions – Brain Teasers – Yahoo! Games
Long-lost footage of Apollo 11 moon landing to be screened – Telegraph
Mapping Ancient Germania: Berlin Researchers Crack the Ptolemy Code – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
NewsDaily: You can grunt your way to tennis win, study says
Shrimp in Pain: ‘Dancing’ Seafood Off the Menu at California Sushi Restaurant
Get Ready for Zero-Gravity Fun in Russian Space Hotel
Mission to search for alien life in outer atmosphere – Telegraph
FOXNews.com – Odds of Life on Nearby Planet ‘100 Percent,’ Astronomer Says
New Planet: A Breakthrough in the Search for Life? | The Atlantic Wire
Alien life certain to exist on Earth-like planet, scientists say – Telegraph
Mapping Ancient Germania: Berlin Researchers Crack the Ptolemy Code – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
Ancient Egypt’s pyramids: Norwegian researcher unlocks construction secrets
Visit To An Asteroid — Planetary Scientists To Find Out Composition, Structure Of Asteroids
NewsDaily: Early humans lived in PNG highlands 50,000 years ago
Knot in the ribbon at the edge of the solar system ‘unties’
Satellite Reveals Surprising Cosmic ‘Weather’ At Edge Of Solar System
Dinosaurs significantly taller than previously thought, research suggests
Prosthetic Bones — Orthopedic Oncologists Give Children Artificial Bones That Can Grow With Patient
Species accumulate on Earth at slower rates than in the past, computational biologists say
Preparing For A Walk On The Moon — Astronomers Discover That The Earth’s Magnetotail Charges The Surface Of The Moon
How the Moon gets its exosphere
IBEX finds surprising changes at solar boundary
Vatican astronomer would baptize space aliens, but only if they asked | Holy Post | National Post

DARPA-Funded Device Adjusts the Speed of Light With the Twist of a Knob | Popular Science
State Representative Henry W. McElroy, Jr. admits UFO visitations
Palestinian state within 2 months?
Your Bailout Money is Going Where? To Whom? Know You Should Be Pissed Off…Watch This!
Insiders Report: War on Illegal Pornography 9/9/10 | Pink Cross Foundation
U.N. raises white flag in battle with guess who …
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer slams ‘foreign interference’ in immigration lawsuit – Scott Wong – POLITICO.com
Family fears own government; won’t return to home
New strategy for officer testing Obama’s eligibility
My Way News – O’Donnell said China plotting to take over US
Church’s top 3 festivals more tied to Augustus than Jesus
Tempers flare in SF after house allowed to burn; fire chief hit on NWTNTODAY.COM
Hungary clears up after toxic spill, rivers at risk | Reuters
Boca Raton man charged with hate crime for alleged aggravated battery on man he thought was gay
Seeking Booty, Archaeologists Dive to Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship – FoxNews.com
APNewsBreak: Connecticut will revamp prison library policy over books with graphic violence – latimes.com
Congress looks at laws that criminalize non-criminal behavior – Nation – MiamiHerald.com
Snakebite Orlando: Rhode Island man in ICU after being bitten by poisonous snake at Orlando’s J.W. Marriott – OrlandoSentinel.com
Black widow spiders make seasonal visit to San Diego school – latimes.com
Human embryos’ odds of survival can be predicted
Russia unveils plan to ban public smoking by 2015 – Yahoo! News
Blondes-only resort planned for the Maldives – Travel – News – msnbc.com
Halloween Costumes: Sexy Sesame Street Costumes a Hit This Halloween – CNBC
‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’ Warning For Laptop Users « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY
Middle Class Slams Brakes on Spending – WSJ.com
Cop Allegedly Trashes Million-Dollar Home | NBC San Diego
Consumer loan delinquencies up slightly – Business – Personal finance – msnbc.com
My Way News – China calls for more Asian clout in global economy
Global employment crisis will stir social unrest, warns UN agency – Telegraph
Report: Verizon to Pay $90M in Customer Refunds – EconWatch – CBS News
Why business school is a waste of time and money – Oct. 4, 2010
My Way News – Govt sues 3 biggest credit cards, settles with 2
Obama’s euthanizing of 4th Amendment
Rick Warren and the Muslim Brotherhood
WND.com – Video – Blame ‘gays’ for anorexic models
Is ‘gay’ agenda to blame for teen suicides?
The abortion nurse’s daughter
What to tell idiot politicians
Congress can’t repeal laws of economics
The doctor, the president and the birth certificate
American Thinker: Obama’s Pumpkin
University of Chicago prof joins Hamas-linked group to absolve religion of Islamist attackers from actions
Terror group makes jihad children’s game
Campbell’s Soup catering to Islam
‘Growing Islamization’ feared by Hindus
Obama’s top security adviser steps down – Washington Times
Expect more “Executive Orders to Come” Obama reshapes administration for a fresh strategy – latimes.com
Obama ignores plea for cross restoration
BofA halts foreclosures in 50 states – Yahoo! Finance
Government spending rises 9% – Washington Times
72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people – Business – Economy at a Crossroads – msnbc.com
Dozens fall ill at Obama rally in Md. – wtop.com
Church college teaches sex-in-dorm etiquette
Israel on war alert
Global warming theory in chaos: Increased solar activity may COOL Earth | Mail Online
Freedom-of-Speech Camp Mum on Chief Scientist’s Firing – Inside Israel – Israel News – Israel National News
War in Northern Mexico Claims Another American Innocent Life
Southern Baptist leader nixes yoga for Christians – U.S. news – Life – msnbc.com
‘Bad for business’: Christian meteorologist looses job over after-hours ministry
Very thin women weighing 25 pounds under group’s norm earn average $15,572 a year more
Under the U.S. Supreme Court: ‘Obama’s war on Arizona’ – UPI.com
Sources say smackdown of Obama by Supreme Court may be inevitable – National conservative | Examiner.com
Judge’s ruling on ObamaCare renders Constitution irrelevant – National conservative | Examiner.com
GOP’s Brady: ‘By every measurement in the economy the stimulus has been a failure’

Hey, give us exemption from Obamacare, too!
Pence: Odds are on Supreme Court striking down healthcare reform – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room
Army officer’s supporters warn of ‘greatest fraud ever’
Text Messaging Prevents Coerced Abortion at Planned Parenthood
Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of US – Yahoo! News
FBI allegedly caught using GPS to spy on student – CNN.com
CNN Poll: Was Bush better president than Obama? – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs
In spiked Vanity Fair piece, Jewish leaders worry about Obama – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com
Satellite images reveal: Hezbollah training in Syria missile base – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
Google Maps
Arab League endorses Palestinian decision to halt peace talks – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
IDF will use attack dogs in future flotilla interceptions
Settler leader runs over stone-throwers – Israel News, Ynetnews
World Net Daily Player
US Contractors Hired Iranian Spies, Taliban, Warlords To Guard US Troops In Afghanistan – ABC News
Dutch deliver banned nuclear equipment to Iranian group
Security and Defense: Nuclear worming
Germany to end ‘nuclear sharing’ with US – The Local
Mexican governor: Gay marriage ‘grosses me out’ – Americas AP – MiamiHerald.com
China voices fury over Nobel Peace Prize for ‘criminal’ – Telegraph
Japanese Recycling Weakens China’s Rare Earth Stranglehold | Oil Price.com
U.S. Losing Control of Bombs to China Neodymium Monopoly – Video – Bloomberg
Midnight grocery runs part of the new reality – Business – U.S. business – msnbc.com
MBA Interns Land Job Offers – BusinessWeek
busted-online-click-to-save-scams: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Airlines fined: Airline’s $39 fare for $44 reaps fine as Obama penalties climb – South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
New York proposes ban on low-income Americans using food stamps to buy sugary drinks | Mail Online
State of the Art – A Simple Swipe on the iPhone, and You’re Paid – NYTimes.com
Feds: Just 8 touches of tainted ‘Shrek’ glass hazard for kids
Cubans Flock To Evangelism To Fill Spiritual Vacuum : NPR
In Broward County, father of groom sues bride’s dad after couple splits
LaHood Weighs Urging Ban on All Driver Phone Use in Cars – Bloomberg
How Many 2-Yr-Olds Have Online ID? 92 Percent – ABC News
Rabbi: Why evangelical Christians give millions to Israel – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs
God and grapes – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
Bionic Exoskeleton That Lets Paraplegics Walk Unveiled – News Story – KTVU San Francisco
Cynthia Lennon Reflects On Life With John : NPR
Marilyn and Her Monsters | Vanity Fair
Time to boycott Mexico?
Where the pastors are fearless
I am a criminal
Good news about good news
The barrenness of busyness
The Green War on Children | FrontPage Magazine
Tidbits of tyranny
A Light in Oslo by Guy Sorman, City Journal 8 October 2010
State snatches baby when dad accused of being ‘Oath Keeper’
India’s New Identification Efforts Aimed at the Poor | News | English
Churches Find Empty Pews at Sunday Evening Services on EthicsDaily.com
Babylonian, dead for millennia, now online – Yahoo! News
Sarkozy jilts U.S. in vision of new world order
Square Personal Credit Card Reader Will Change Everything – Mary Kate Cary (usnews.com)
ROGER KOSKELA | Spirituality Gaining; How About Religion? » Kitsap Sun
Bacteria are able to extend psuedo-legs and walk upright, creating deadly biofilms as they go
Campaign gets Bibles to children … in school!
Leftist group advising Homeland Security ops
Federal agencies raid Christian ministry
Revelations from Kent State audio tape prompt congressional inquiry | cleveland.com
US physics professor: ‘Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life’ – Telegraph Blogs
Support: Israel Trains To Live With SCUD
Abbas may circumvent Israel, ask U.S. to recognize Palestinian state – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
Nasrallah ahead of Ahmadinejad visit: Iran money helped rebuild Lebanon – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
‘Al-Aqsa’ being built for Ahmadinejad – Israel News, Ynetnews
Does penalty match crime? Little fire proves explosive years later for Rochester contract worker at shipyard – Fosters
Teenager jailed for refusing to give police his computer password | Mail Online
Rape victim blamed for falling asleep on couch, County Court hears | Herald Sun
Children’s art is fire risk, say inspectors – Telegraph
Sharia law being used in Germany in Muslims’ domestic disputes – The Local
Italy next European country to ban burka after government recommendation | Mail Online
From mortgage to morality: A new crisis? – chicagotribune.com
Pastors Question Francis Chan’s Decision to Leave Megachurch | Christianpost.com
Europe’s Sat Nav Albatross: EU Expects Galileo Project Costs to Explode – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International
Jewish couple booted from cruise after allegedly fighting back at anti-Semitic jibe – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
U.S. Republican leader criticizes candidate for Nazi uniform – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
Israeli film wins grand experimental award at Berkeley festival – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
The demonization of Fox News
Smarter Than You Think – Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic – NYTimes.com
Op-Ed Columnist – Lord of the Internet Rings – NYTimes.com
Op-Ed Columnist – Facebook Politicians Are Not Your Friends – NYTimes.com
habits-that-will-make-you-broke: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Ex-Gay Christian Ministry Pulls Support for Annual ‘Day of Truth’ | Christianpost.com
Facebook | Videos from Save Jerusalem and Israel: Muslim Policeman in Britain doesn’t have to protect a Jew



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