My Point of View, Part 1: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – 80 Years of Continuous Nazi Incitement

October 25, 2010

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My Point of View, Part 1:
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - 80 Years of Continuous Nazi Incitement
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The Invisible Ingredient...

My Point of View, Part 1:
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - 80 Years of Continuous Nazi Incitement
There is a title you should see plastered on the front page of every newspaper, news website, national, international and cable news broadcast's top story -- but you won't.Our world calls that which God calls good to be "evil" and what God calls to be evil, they call "good."
As you may realize, the man speaking to you right now has a Biblical perspective through which he views the world, and takes seriously the Apostle Paul's admonition to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." (Philippians 2:12) However, I do also believe that the people of God should consider more than the spiritual when considering this verse. I think it applies to any and all issues in our lives be they political, economic, social, spiritual or others.
I suppose if I have a fault (and believe me, I have many), it is that I question the validity of just about everything.When someone tells me the sky is blue, not only do I actually bother to take the time to look up at the sky, but I also notice that it is not always blue! Depending on the time of day they sky might well be red, orange, yellow, a mirade shades of grey and shades of blue! At night, it certainly does not appear to be blue.
Here's another example, when someone tells me a story about Yarir Arafat's Uncle that sounds like this, I would also want to know how this despicable, political and violent story continues to play our in today's "Middle East Conflict." Wouldn't you?
"The assimilation of Nazis within the Arab world at the end of World War Two

     After fleeing Germany at the end of the war, Husseini was instrumental in ferrying certain Nazis to various locations within the Arab world as well as helping in the placement of these figures who would be beneficial to the various respective Arab governments who could use their services in promoting their own nationalistic endeavors against the newly created state of Israel. This was known as Project Odessa. Husseini was to ferry key Nazi figures fleeing from war crimes charges into key positions within the Arab world, primarily Egypt and Syria who were the main antagonists advocating the destruction of Israel and attempted to do so several times within the span of Husseini’s life, most notably during the Six-day war in 1967 and in the Yom Kippur War in 1973.
In 1962, Al-Husseini would lead the Islamic World Congress for the last time, retiring shortly thereafter. Before leaving office, the Congress, while under the leadership of Husseini, drew up a resolution that was eerily similar to that of the invective spewed forth by Nazi officials two decades earlier. The resolution called for the ethnic cleansing of all Jews within the Arab World and to establish a Middle East that was “Judenrein” (free of Jews).
     On July 5th, 1974, Husseini died, passing the torch to a new protégé, his nephew, Yasir Arafat who in a later interview called his diabolical uncle “a great hero.” Throughout the years Arafat has gone on record several times in praising the “virtues” of his uncle. That Husseini groomed Arafat for this role of leadership within the newly created PLO is of no question. Husseini placed him in command of arms procurement for his militia as well as arranging for Arafat to fulfill the role of a leader, grooming him for the necessary tenacity required to fill the vacancy that Husseini would leave behind.
     In light of the historical record, which shows indisputably Husseini’s role in the Holocaust, one wonders as to the absurdity prevalent within the Arab world in denying not only allegations of wrongdoing through their idealistic and nationalistic leaders but also the very Holocaust itself. The historical record though is clear. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the one man who could claim to be the spokesman and ideological leader of the Arab world, was an accomplice to mass murder."
I wonder what happened to that renessance mentality that was represented in the foudners of these United States of America? Inquisitiveness, getting to the bottom of an issue, being educated about the "roots" of things, have they disappeared forever from our social conscious? The Founding Fathers of this particular country would be truly dismayed to discover that adults with no real estate, property and no college education to speak of could still vote and participate in the process of government.
Maybe that should be allowed to sink in a little.
Government controlled education, leads to a less educated and informed population, which leads to changes in law to allow the under-educated to vote, which then leads to the election of leaders by popularity, assisted by bigger and better media promotion and big donors? Maybe so.
An educated people would measure integrity, not popularity. Such an educated people would consider moral fruit born in the life of those seeking to lead, and not cleverly crafted speeches given only with the help of teleprompters. An educated people might demand foundational principles of the Republic be adhered to without the influence of Judicial decisions made by foreign governments who do not share the same values and constitutional foundation. An educated people might have leaders who would not have wavered from their support of a certain small nation-state found in the Near East, named, Israel.
Oh well, we don't live in such a society (anymore). Our culture today looks much more like that which voted Hitler into power.
Think about it.
And think about what happens when those few who are the educated in the population continue to remain silent.

 Who doesn't love looking at the News with an eye for the Prophetic things happening around us?

Invisible Ingredient
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