Four year old met his mother’s miscarried child in Heaven, "Mommy, I met my sister"

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Four year old met his mother’s miscarried child in Heaven

By Dan La Ponsie, 19 November, 2010, No Comment

Colton Burpo is 7 years old today. It’s taken a few years for his parents to digest what happened 3 years ago, when their son was in the hospital for surgery.

When Colton Burpo was four years he was having surgery in the hospital for a burst appendix. While he was in surgery he apparently had some sort of out of body experience and could see what his parents were doing. He witnessed that his dad was praying and his mom on her cellphone. Both parents say they have no clue how he knew that, but that it’s absolutely true. And the story just gets more interesting from there.
Apparently during the same surgery Colton went to Heaven where he recounts how he met his grandfather who he had never known, who he later recognized in photos. The interesting thing is that he didn’t recognize photos of his grandfather as an old man with glasses, which is how everyone knew him, but rather as a young man. Colton’s father literally had go find a photo of ‘Pop’ as a young man before Colton was able to recognize him.

Colton’s father recounts how Colton, still 4 years old, told his mother “you had a baby die in your tummy didn’t you”, which completely shocked them both because they had never told him about their miscarriage. They asked him how he knew and he said that he met his sister in Heaven and she told him what happened.



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