Music Review of "Beautiful Things" by Gungor

"Beautiful Things" by Gungor

Life has been pretty crazy lately.  Since I posted a month ago I have been out of town a few times, been really busy, and just haven't made it around to thinking through a good blog post.  This morning is really no different, but I saw the link to this video on Josh Rubinstein's facebook, and knew that I should take a couple minutes for a quick blog. First a quick note about Josh Rubinstein: Josh himself is an amazing and talented musician/performer in his own right. I should know, I shared the stage with him for a couple hundred performances! If you don't know Josh or his music, please check out his Facebook page and get to know him. 

Now to Gungor: This is definitely a change up in the SOTD world.  I do not listen to a lot of "Christian" music because I think that a lot of it is of lower quality, both in regards to music and depth.  However, I am all for people making good music and living out their faith when it is done well, and I think this song by "Gungor" is great.

I didnt know much about this band before I went to write, and since this is a quick post I didnt look up very much, but a few noteworthy things surfaced.  The bands name does not match their sound.  If you asked me to listen to a band called "Gungor" the first thing in my mind would be that I am about to listen to some kind of music that ends in "core" and probably doesn't have any words in English.  Not the case.  In this track "Gungor" features beautiful harmonies,moving lyrics, and delicate strings and xylophone (or some other mallet type of percussion instrument).  According to Wikipedia, the source of all truth, Michael Gungor describes the bands music as "liturgical post-rock."

I think the song stuck out today because of the beautiful day after a week of severe weather, and thinking about everything growing in my garden.  Great meaning, and its cool to think that the trees and flowers aren't the only thing that experience change and turn into "beautiful things."

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