CONTEST! Design my next book cover — The Winner Gets…

CONTEST! Design my next book cover -- The Winner Gets...

A copy of the Book of GOD: Genesis Unbound
AND a Copy of The Book of GOD: For Men (Every Man's Handbook for Knowing GOD)

My next book will be released on in a few weeks. The title is 'Genesis Unbound', it is the next in The Book of GOD series. The main Title is: 'The Book of GOD.'

I chose this title because it reflects the concept of unwrapping one of the most hidden and misunderstood mysteries concerning the Bible's book of Genesis, which this book reveals in all of it's fullness.

The book is 99% complete, but there's a small hitch. I need a cover!

I do have a few designs, but none of them has given that 'wow this is the one!' feeling. And so, with faith and hope in my talented young readers, I throw open the cover to you - to design.

What are the elements?

Title: "The Book of GOD"
Subtitle: "Genesis Unbound"

Author: Tov Rose

Strap line I From the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed 'The Book of GOD: For Men (Every Man's Handbook for Knowing GOD), and the soon-to-be release follow-up, 'The Book of GOD: For Women.

Strap line II Author Tov Rose draws a compelling picture that reveals the true character, nature and person of the God of the Hebrew Bible that promises to challenge many of the teachings of Christians, Messianic believers and Jewish people alike.

Any other guidelines?
None. You can place the elements as you like. Use the background and colour scheme you like. Use a graphic element, or choose not to.

I am giving you a free canvas - to create something. I will know it is the right cover when I see it and fall in love at first sight.

How to submit
As a jpg, or pdf - mail the attachment along with your contact details (phone, email & 2 lines about you) to Publicity@TovRose.com

If your cover is selected you will get credits in the book. Credits on my website and links to your other work if you're building a portfolio.

Last date: Friday, August 19, 2011. But the sooner you send the better. If I like one of the early submissions I may just close the contest right then and there 🙂

Look forward to your submissions!



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