A Timeline for the "Last Days"? Armageddon? End of the World?

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Be watchful and skeptical, but not close-minded. Be a diligent Berean, not ignorant of the Scriptures or the difficult mysteries hidden from the wicked (Isa 6:9-10Mk 4:11Mt 13:11Lk 8:1010:21-24).

    Important Note: There are many question-marks deliberately placed in the article below. Hence, no one should do anything to harm him/herself or others because of what this time-line projects and/or calculates as POSSIBLE prerequisites or fulfillments of End-Time prophecy. "Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves" (Matt 10:16).

    Backbone Chronology from the Book of Revelation

      The book of Revelation provides a road-map or backbone... from which we can discern how to fit together various other related-prophecies from the Tanakh regarding the prerequisites and/or chronological order of important End-Time events.
      The first four seals (in my view) have already been unsealed and are currently unsealed or open... meaning they are currently all four actively manifesting in the world. The 5th Seal may have been or will be invisible to us when opened, hence the 6th Seal is the one we should all be watching for with the most interest.
      • 1st Seal (Rev 6:1-2) - White Horse - a counterfeit of Revelation 19's White Horse. This counterfeit is best epitomized by the Roman Catholic Church (including spin-offs), which has conquered many nations with its religious system of mixed-pagan worship and Jesuit military-order (and predecessors) which were sanctioned to forcefully spread the RCC faith (unsealed about 300 AD to present day).
      • 2nd Seal (Rev 6:3-4) - Red Horse - given a Great Sword. Likely represented by the bloody sword of Islam (which spread throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Central/Southern Asia) and the red flags of Marxism and Fascist Nazism (see WWII Casualties). At least 70 million slaughtered during World War II, not to mention the millions exterminated in the so-called Great Leap Forward of Maoist China and similar national programs (unsealed about 600 AD to present day).
      • 3rd Seal (Rev 6:5-6) - Black Horse - with a pair of scales. Likely the development of international central banking which has effectively enslaved and/or impoverished much of mankind. It is a system which was and is an integral system of hidden taxation through currency inflation/devaluation and the funding of war, especially the later World Wars and the build-up of the modern Military-industrial Complex (unsealed about 1000 AD to present day).
      • 4th Seal (Rev 6:7-8) - Pale-Green Horse - named 'Death' and sent to destroy 1/4th of the world population. The Bubonic Plague (Black Death) is estimated to have killed about 75 million worldwide, easily a fourth of mankind at that stage (see Black Death). There have been ongoing tidal-waves of plague, famine, and disease ever since e.g. 1918 Spanish Flu (unsealed about 1300 AD to present day).
      • 5th Seal (Rev 6:9-11) - Martyrs wake up in Heaven, told to go back to sleep for a little while longer. Not the start of persecution because such has been happening since the 1st Seal was opened. Instead, this event is in Heaven, not necessarily visible to everyone alive on Earth. However, a parallel physical manifestation may occur (or may have already occurred) on earth, noting Matt 6:10.
      • 6th Seal (Rev 6:12-17) - Great earthquake / Pole-shift "stars of the sky fell" / Planet-X passing???
        • "The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places" Rev 6:14 ... "Earth shall stagger like a drunkard" (Isa 24:20). 
        • Will be extremely visible and undeniable to everyone on earth at the SAME time! Most everyone will hide "themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains" (Rev 6:15).
        • IMPORTANT NOTE: The above appears to happen before End-Time Babylon is utterly destroyed,before the Remnant call to leave Babylon is issued, before the 144,000 are sealed (Rev 7:2-3), and certainly before any notion of a 'Rapture' escape!
      • 7th Seal - 144,000 first-fruits sealed at Mt. Zion/Tsiyon (Rev 7:1-814:1-5); likely during the half-hour of silence before the 1st Trumpet sounds (Rev 8:1); possibly sealed and marked like what is depicted in Eze 9:1-11???
        • Fire from Altar thrown to Earth. There were "noises, and thunders, and lightnings, and an earthquake" (Rev 8:3-5).
        • Good News of the soon coming Kingdom and warning of Judgment preached to all dwelling on Earth (Rev 14:6-7), very likely preceding or coinciding with earth-changes and the destruction of End-Time Babylon.
        • First Remnant call goes out (made by 144,000 preaching in all the nations?) to return to the Light of Torah and flee End-Time Babylon and/or return to Zion/Tsiyon (Zec 2:1-10) before destruction comes??? Setup for 2nd Great Exodus??? Rev 3:10Zeph 2:3-8Jer 23:7-8???
      • 1st through 4th Trumpets > Hail and fire, burn 1/3 of trees and fire (Rev 8:7) > Asteroid hits ocean (Rev 8:8) > 1/3 of rivers and lakes become bitter (Rev 8:10-11) > 1/3 of sun, moon, and stars darkened (Rev 8:12) > All appear to transpire rapidly from the 6th Seal to the 4th Trumpet (minus the half-hour of silence)... and may all be tied to the same solar or galactic phenomenon... e.g., ramifications of Wormwood/Planet-X and/or the Earth passing through the Galactic equinox and/or CMEs and/or other unknown influences from within or without our Milky-way galaxy (Rev 8:7-13). Note: Many think of the trumpet judgments being contained within and/or released by the 7th Seal, not simply chronologically following the last Seal. However, such differing views are somewhat mooted by the apparent short time span between the 6th Seal and 7 Trumpets. 
        • End-Time Babylon (i.e., USA, Anglo-American empire) goes to war with a Medeo-alliance (Isa 13:17-22,21:2Jer 50:1-551:11) i.e., modern-day Iran, Turkey, Syria, and various other allies... which will essentially be the beginnings of the revived Beast Empire... which "shall hate the whore, and lay her waste and naked, and eat her flesh and burn her with fire" (Rev 17:16).  
        • End-Time Babylon utterly destroyed in one day (Rev 14:818:8Isa 47:9) sometime after the 6thSeal but before the 5th Trumpet where the Mark of the Beast is issued (Rev 14:8-9). Timing of destruction verified: Comparing Revelation 7 and 14, the thematic context seems to indicate chapter 14 is expounding upon or detailing chapter 7. Both chapters start with the sealing of the 144,000 in Jerusalem, apparently after the great earthquake of the 6th Seal and prior to the arrival of the Beast at the 5th Trumpet. Isaiah 13 and Jer 50-51 seem to also thematically confirm that earth-changes coincide with the time of and/or contribute to Babylon's destruction... which seems to coincide with war with and defeat by a Mede-dominated alliance (confirming verses referenced above). The "fallen, is fallen" references in Rev 14:818:2Isa 21:9 may be indicative of the way she is defeated first in a critical blow in war and then utterly defeated by massive earth-changes at the deliberate hand of the Most High or the "fallen, is fallen" reference may simply re-occur for dramatic emphasis. No doubt, it will be dramatic.
        • AFTER Babylon is destroyed, 10-Israel and Jew-dah are THEN "weeping", joined "together", and looking for the way to Tsiyon (Jer 50:4-528)... and THEN joined to יהוה in an everlasting covenant (Jer 31:31-34Rev 18:4Eze 36:16-19), hence the "new covenant" has not been cut or consumated BEFORE Babylon's destruction.
        • Babylon's destruction seems to trigger a period of greater distress and the GREATER Exodus (Jer 3:18,16:14-1523:7-831:850:4-528Isa 11:12-13).  Or will this be accomplished after the 5thTrumpet or will it still be underway during and after the 5th Trumpet? 
        • At this stage, the entire world will have come undone via massive earth-changes and war, making way for wide-spread acceptance of the False-Messiah/Beast who will be offering compelling solutions (who will become identifiable at the 5th Trumpet in the "middle of the week").
      • 5th Trumpet (1st Woe) > Beast's arrival > coming to power (Dan 11:36-45).
        • 144,000 preaching in the nations (Rev 14:10); immune to death (Rev 9:4).
        • The Beast empire (which was, is not, and about to be Rev 17:8-13) is re-formed within the major power vacuum left by the fall of End-Time Babylon (i.e., that empire which is currently occupying and controlling much of the world, including the Middle East, via their 700+ military bases). From Rev 17:16, we can deduce that the renewed Beast empire will be formed by some of those who hated and took part in the destruction of Babylon (i.e, Iran, Turkey, Syria, etc).
        • Mark of the Beast forced upon the citizens of its rapidly expanding empire (Rev 14:8-12). Will this Mark look something like what is seen on Hamas and Hezbollah arm and headbands??? Submit to Allah or starve? Submit, receive the mark, and worship the Beast or lose your head? It should probably be assumed that Babylon is not issuing the Mark, since she has been destroyed by this stage.
        • Gog-Magog War #1 / Battle of Armageddon (Eze 39:1-29Rev 19:17-21). The Righteous will know "the Desolation" is near because a great (Islamofascist???) army will be surrounding Jerusalem (Luke 21:20).
        • Sacrifices stopped by "Haman", 1290 Days until Tabernacles/Re-Marriage Consummation (Dan 9:27;11:31;12:11Mark 13:14Matt 24:15).
        • "The blessing of 'coming to the 1335 days' is still uncertain, but since it is 45 days before the Abomination when Jesus said to absolutely flee by, it could be the timing of when the righteous leave as a group in plenty of time rather than last minute upon seeing the Abomination.“ -Know the Future, McHyde p.103  (referring to Dan 12:12)
        • "The Woman" flees from Zion/Jerusalem to the wilderness of Edom/Moab (Rev 12:6Dan 11:41).
        • Anti-Messiah/Beast captures Jerusalem and seeks to present himself as the Most High (Dan 11:36-37,41452 Thess 2:4).
        • The Beast begins the time of great persecution for those who did not escape to the Wilderness > Great Tribulation > final 42 months begin > the 'time of Jacob's Trouble' (Jer 30:1-11Dan 12:1Rev 12:17), includes Ephraim/10-Israel (the fullness of the nations, Gen 48:19) and Jew-dah (those who have survived to this point, yet are still IN the nations and are NOT counted with the 144,000 sealed/preaching in the nations or "the Woman" who fled to the Wilderness of Edom/Moab.
        •  "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of Elohim and have the testimony of Yeshua Messiah" (Rev 12:17).
      • 6th Trumpet (2nd Woe) > Red / Blue / Yellow army slaughters 1/3 of mankind (Rev 9:13-21).
        • "Tidings from the north and east trouble" the Beast (Dan 11:44) Russia? and China?
        • Secret of 7 Thunders concealed but will be revealed just before 7th Trumpet (Rev 10:1-7).
        • Two Witnesses begin 1260 day or 3.5 year ministry (Rev 11:3-14), where they torment the people of all the earth... with calls for repentance? ...and ability to cause world-wide drought. Could one of these literal two witnesses be THE coming of Eliyahu (Elijah), a fulfillment of Mal 4:5??? Rev 11:6 also characterizes their mission in ways very similar to the ministry of Moshe and Aaron, tormenting Pharaoh and all the Egyptians with various plagues.
        • Period ends w/ another Great Earthquake; 10th of Jerusalem falls (Rev 11:13-14).
        • Birth pains reach their climax (Rev 12:1-4John 16:16-22).
        • "I shall make mortal man scarcer than fine gold… I shall make the heavens tremble, and the earth shall shake from her place..." (Isaiah 13:12-13).  "…cities will be ruins without inhabitant" (Jer 4:7).
        • Two Witnesses put to death 3.5 days before the 7th Trump (Rev 11:7-12).
      • 7th Trumpet (3rd Woe) > Will likely coincide with a Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) during a Shmittah/Sabbath Year or Yovel/Jubilee Year (see table further below). 
        • "When the Seventh Trumpet sounds, the Body of Believers is caught up (in fulfillment of Sha'ul's prophecy, 1Thess 4:16-18, "at the Last Trumpet") to appear before the Judgment Seat of the Messiah (2 Cor 5:10) and to partake in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (John 14:1-3Rev 14:1-515:2-4). All evidence shows the Messiah will marry His Bride at this time and that He will spend a year with her (Deut 24:5) before He goes to war! Rev 19:11-21" - Craig Wm Peters
        • Ark of the Covenant seen in Temple, "and there came to be lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and an earthquake, and great hail" (Rev 11:19).
        • Ha-Satawn (the-Adversary) bound for 1000 years (Rev 20:1-3Jude 1:6).
        • Messiah Yeshua, the BRANCH of David, reigns from Jerusalem (Rev 11:1520:4-6). Note: some theories support the idea that Yeshua will not yet be bodily present with his people until after the thousand years. 
        • 1st Resurrection - martyrs of the Beast... including the Two-Witnesses (Eze 37:1-15?), resurrected/born-again, and then reign with Messiah for one thousand years (Rev 20:4-6).
        • Beast and false prophet are cast into Lake of Fire (Rev 20:10).
        • Re-marriage celebration of Remnant "surviving" Israel (Joe-seph/10-Israel and Jew-dah) with the Husband, יהוה (Eze 37:16-28Jer 31:31-40Rev 19:7).
        • Temple of יהוה described in Ezekiel 40-46 built and dedicated.
      • End of Thousand Years Reign
        • Ha-Satawn released for short period before the Gog-Magog War #2 (Eze 38:1-23Rev 20:7-11). Given time to deceive all nations/peoples once more (Rev 20:3).
        • Possible time of bodily arrival/return of Messiah Yeshua, to save His bride during the second Gog-Magog conflict. Topic of much debate, of course. This author is still studying the issues surrounding the prophetic controversy. 
        • 2nd Resurrection of the Dead (Rev 20:5Luke 14:141 Thes 4:16Phil 3:11), sometimes called the 'Great White Throne Judgment' (Rev 20:5,11-15). Ha-Satawn is thrown into the Lake of Fire forever(Rev 20:10)!
        • No more pain, mourning, or death. Former matters pass away (Rev 21:4).
        • New Jerusalem (without a physical Temple) descends from Heaven to Earth. The new Temple will only be made of livingstones i.e., people (Rev 21:9-27).

      The Three Layers of Daniel's Prophecy

          Daniel 9:24-27:
          (24) Seventy weeks [shavuim/shavuots/sevens] are decreed for your people and for your set-apart city, to put an end to the transgression, and to seal up sins, and to cover crookedness, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up vision and prophet, and to anoint the Most Set-apart.
          (25) Know, then, and understand: from the going forth of the command to restore and build Yerushalayim until Messiah the Prince is seven [sheva] weeks [shevua] and sixty-two weeks [shevua]. It shall be built again, with streets and a trench, but in times of affliction.
          (26) And after the sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off and have naught. And the people of a coming prince shall destroy the city and the set-apart place. And the end of it is with a flood. And wastes are decreed, and fighting until the end.
          (27) And he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week. And in the middle of the week he shall put an end to slaughtering and meal offering. And on the wing of abominations he shall lay waste, even until the complete end and that which is decreed is poured out on the one who lays waste.
          • Layer #1 - 70 Weeks of Years or 490 Years | Did this layer predict the first and second coming of Yeshua?
          • Layer #2 - 70 Weeks or 490 Days | 70 week ministry of Yeshua.
          • Layer #3 - 70 Years | 70 Shavuots | Did this layer of 70 years begin on the Shavuot of May 16th following the Israeli Declaration of Independence on May 15th 1948? Or did it begin at some later time (1967?)? Or will it begin at some future period? Or is this third layer simply a figment of our imagination???
          What follows is an abbreviated table of past and future Sabbatical (Shmita/Shmittah) and Jubilee (Yovel/Yobel) Years and how they 'may' relate to Daniel's prophecies of the Last-Days.
          Understanding how significant Sabbatical and Jubilee years were in key events in antiquity, lends credible insight into their profound role in yet unfulfilled/incomplete Hebrew prophecies.

          Table of Sabbath and Jubilee Years

          • Double years shown because of Hebrew calendar year overlap of Gregorian years (e.g., 28/29 AD).
          • Dates based upon an Aviv (Nissan) reckoning, not a Tishrei year-start reckoning.
          • Key dates in red obtained from the book The Sabbath and Jubilee Cycle by R. Clover (Qadesh La Yahweh Press).
          • Sabbath years at back-to-back 7 year increments (an abbreviated list due to length concerns).
          • Jubilee years at 49 back-to-back year increments (not 50 year increments). Each 50 year Jubilee is the same as year 1 of each repeating 49 year cycle (hence each Jubilee is year 1 and year 50), the same as when counting the Omer to Shavout/Pentecost.

          TABLE 1a
          Sabbath (Shmita) Years Jubilee (Yobel) Years Notes
          995/994 BC 994/993 BC
          946/945 BC 945/944 BC
          897/896 BC 896/895 BC
          848/847 BC 847/846 BC
          799/798 BC 798/797 BC
          750/749 BC 749/748 BC
          722/721 BC * Samaria sacked. Northern Kingdom falls to Assyria.
          715/714 BC
          708/707 BC
          701/700 BC 700/699 BC Unsuccessful seige of Jerusalem.
          652/651 BC 651/650 BC
          603/602 BC 602/601 BC
          596/595 BC * Appr. time of 1st Jewish deportation.
          589/588 BC 587, Temple destroyed by Babylon.
          582/581 BC * Appr. time of 3rd Jewish deportation.
          575/574 BC
          568/567 BC
          561/560 BC
          554/553 BC 553/552 BC
          547/546 BC
          540/539 BC * Babylon conquered by Persia
          533/532 BC
          526/525 BC
          519/518 BC
          512/511 BC
          505/504 BC 504/503 BC
          456/455 BC * 455/454 BC Decree of Artaxerxes.
          407/406 BC * 406/405 BC Walls of Jerusalem rebuilt.
          358/357 BC 357/356 BC
          309/308 BC 308/307 BC
          260/259 BC 259/258 BC
          211/210 BC 210/209 BC
          162/161 BC 161/160 BC
          134/133 BC
          113/112 BC 112/111 BC
          85/84 BC
          71/70 BC
          64/63 BC 63/62 BC
          57/56 BC
          50/49 BC
          43/42 BC
          36/35 BC
          29/28 BC
          22/21 BC
          15/14 BC 14/13 BC
          8/7 BC
          1 BC/1 AD There is no year "0".
          7/8 AD
          14/15 AD
          21/22 AD
          28/29 AD  * (Yeshua) Messiah Yehoshua "cut off".
          35/36 AD 36/37 AD
          42/43 AD
          49/50 AD
          56/57 AD
          63/64 AD
          70/71 AD * 2nd Temple destroyed by Romans.
          84/85 AD 85/86 AD
          133/134 AD 134/135 AD
          140/141 AD
          1897/1898 AD 1898/1899 AD
          1904/1905 AD
          1911/1912 AD
          1918/1919 AD World War I ends. 15 million dead.
          1925/1926 AD Mein Kampf published. Mussolini's police state formed.
          1932/1933 AD DJIA's lowest level of GD. Hitlers becomes Chancellor.
          1939/1940 AD World War II begins. 70 million to die.
          1946/1947 AD 1947/1948 AD * Decree by the UN. Jewish nation formed.
          1953/1954 AD
          1960/1961 AD
          1967/1968 AD Jerusalem captured by Israel
          1974/1975 AD
          1981/1982 AD
          1988/1989 AD
          1995/1996 AD 1996/1997 AD
          2002/2003 AD
          2009/2010 AD (Last) Last Shmita/Sabbath year. 
          2016/2017 AD (1947+70) Next to occur. Watching with keen interest!
          2023/2024 AD
          2030/2031 AD
          2037/2038 AD
          2044/2045 AD 2045/2046 AD (Next) Our next Yobel/Jubilee year.
          Supporting Articles:
          Sources of insight
          Note: No single source below would agree with everything in the above study. However, in some form or another, they have all contributed to this author's perspective on End-Time events. That being said, some have acutely differing views on some aspects, hence... being listed together does NOT mean they are in consensual agreement with this author or each other on any particulars. 



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