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Michelle and I have had an active, but relaxing summer here in Minnesota. We’ve been spending a lot of time across the parking lot from our small home, that’s where the pool is, and the kids are swimming there about three hours every day.
In other news, I’ve been calling churches to schedule speaking engagements for myself, my brother Jason, and my father, Mike. It’s a harder in the summer than at other times, and I’d appreciate your prayer heading into the fall, that God would significantly bless what I’m doing. If your congregation is interesting in having a Jewish follower of Jesus come to speak, please let me know. You can find a short list of my speaking topics here: http://speaking.tovrose.com/. I can be contacted easily enough via email: media@tovrose.com and 651-686-5600.
Another major thing I’d like to ask prayer for is an opportunity that we’ve been praying about for many years in partnership with another organization that reaches out to Jewish people with the- Gospel. It looks like I am may be hosting a radio program beginning this fall. There are still many things to discuss before this is final. However, the show would be on a new Christian radio station covering a large portion of the upper mid-west. I wanted to open this up to anyone who would like to give input, would you happen to have any advice? Would you know anyone who might have me on air as a guest? Practice speaking into a microphone with lots of people listening is good!

Author and Radio Hosts, Dr. Michael Brown, Sid Roth and a few others have given me some great things to consider, but I want to hear from you as well. What would you like to hear about on the radio? What kind of guests? Topics?

Finally, after some craziness with hackers things are looking better now for The New Messianic Version of the Bible. It has been doing very well. I can honestly say that Volume 1 and 3 of the preview editions are Amazon.com Best Sellers, in the Top 20 for Messianic books. And The Spiritual Roots of Disease books are also doing quite well, as is "The Fall of the American Babylon" which is an end-times prophesy study. Would you please pray that God would continue to bless and prosper these works for His glory?
You can find all of these right here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tov-Rose/e/B004WLJN1K
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