Gospel Cafe, To The Jew First Radio, Messianic Congregation

Shalom (Peace)! 🙂

Just wanted to give you an update about what’s going on these days.

Gospel Cafe Update:

We’re working hard at looking at properties for the “Gospel Cafe” in Dinky Town at the University of Minnesota campus this Spring. In case you’re not familiar with this project, the founding non-profits all have a heart for reaching Jewish people with the message of salvation through Jesus, but know full well that when you intentionally reach out to Jewish people, you reach 10-times as many non-Jewish people! Over the coming months we will be expanding our network of partner churches to help minister on campus and follow-up with new believers (and returning believers who have walked away from the Lord). If you or your church are interested in participating, or want more information, please feel free to email me! tov@tovrose.com

Messianic Congregation Update:

I mentioned in the last couple updates that I am part of a steering committee helping to start a messianic congregation in the Lakeville, MN area (a suburb of Minneapolis in case you don’t know where it is). We’re still gathering the leadership team and praying about what type of congregation we will be. We’re very open to what the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) and his Father have for us! However, there is already a messianic congregation or two in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area that are “Orthodox” in flavor, so I don’t think we are really leaning in that direction. Please pray for us as we gather more people around us for the project in coming weeks.

Radio Update:

Listen live to “To the Jew First”, on 980AM KKMS Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul. If you’re out of the area you can stream the show at 10:00-10:30AM every Saturday, or listen to the Podcasts online at KKMS.com. The podcast page is here: http://www.kkms.com/ContentPages/1718/

This weeks show includes the following:

Israeli News/Commentary: Jason Rose & Tov Rose

Interview/Testimony: Joan Lipis, Novea International Ministries

Ask the Rabbi: Rabbi Ed Rothman, Seed of Abraham Congregation, Minneapolis and Jason Rose discuss the topic: How can God be both 3 and 1 at the same time?

I hope you get a chance to listen!

Feel free to drop me a note, send “Ask the Rabbi” questions my way or otherwise be in touch! 🙂





TOV Rose is the author of several books, including The New Messianic Version of the Bible; The Book of GOD: For Men; The Spiritual Roots of Disease, The Book of GOD: Genesis Unbound; The Paranormal Seams of the Hebrew Bible, The Fall of the American Babylon and more.

Tov is a Conference Speaker, Author, Bible Teacher, Chaplain, Performer and Pastor. For more than two decades he has been active working with people to help them better understand the nature and person God.

When not writing books and all those other things, he enjoys quiet times at home with his wife, children and praying together with a group of grandmothers who have the uncanny knack of being able to bend God’s ear.

Specializing in teaching the deeper things of God, TOV has a reputation for teaching solid Bible foundations and difficult to understand Biblical concepts in a compassionate simple manner that anyone can understand. He is not one to shy away difficult and taboo subjects.

TOV guests on radio programs, television shows and speaks at conferences, seminars, in local congregations and other venues.