A profound error in Messianic Jewish theology? Yes, there is.

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There is a profound error in Messianic Jewish theology that the majority of us are blind to seeing, because of our genuine and appropriate desire to maintain our distinctly Jewish cultural identity. What is it? We have accepted the traditional unbelieving Jewish Community's doctrine concerning the identity and nature of the God of the Hebrew Bible, rather than viewing God through the lenses of our New Testament Jewish believing brethren who wrote the New Testament who clearly teach what was previously hidden from the knowledge of our people. Namely, that the Word of God made flesh-Yeshua-is the God of the Hebrew Bible revealed in the Hebrew Bible's pages, not his father.

Our current theology is very much influenced in such a way that we boxed in and we ought not and cannot impose a New Testament revelation on the Old Testament text. However, doing so ignores the revelatory nature of the New Testament and the fact that the knowledge of God crescendos with a fuller revelation of God revealed by the New Testament writers, revealing concepts that were previously concealed. These revelations of previously hidden mysteries are intended to give us "ah-ha!" moments in which we take these now revealed truths and see the original Hebrew texts through the eyes of a greater revelation.

These New Testament revelations present to us a comprehensive revelation of the nature, character and person of the God of Israel that did not previously exist, and continues to be hidden to our unbelieving Jewish brethren. Must we continue in this pre-new testament revelation of the Godhead in lockstep with our unbelieving brethren for fear of being further ostracized? Or rather, shouldn't we proclaim boldly the truth that the Creator, the "voice" of God was the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us?

While they remain in unbelief concerning the revelation of the Messiah, we are the living remnant of Israel. Why are we taking our cues from those who do not believe?



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