The Apocalypse of Daniel

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The Apocalypse of Daniel

Chapter one

According to the God-spoken word which says: “When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, earthquakes, plagues and deviations of stars. Then the bush which restrains the sons of Hagar will dry up. And three sons of Hagar will go forth in to great Babylonia (whose) name(s are) Ouaches, and another Axiaphar, and the third Morphosar. And Ishmael will come down the region of the land of swift passage. And he will come to Antioch, Cilicia, and Iberian Anatolia, the Thrakysan country and Smyrna and as far as the Seven-hilled (city). And he will spill Roman blood. And another will come to the region of Persia and (to) the Galilean country, the Armenian border, and the city of Trebizond. And he will come to the region of the land of the Meropes. And he will massacre male children from two and three years old and younger. And he will consume them by the sword. And the third one will come down the regions of the north and Mesiaspolis and Synopolis, and Zalichos, the regions of Chrysiapetra, and the well-lit valley and Bithynia, and of Daphousia, Chrysioupolis, and Damoulion and as far as the Seven-hilled (city).

Chapter two

And therefore all these (will) slaughter an infinite multitude of Romans from two and three years old and younger. And they will gather together toward the sea. And in their ships (will be) a myriad myriads. And there will be other infinite and innumerable multitudes. And in that place many will deny our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy gifts and will follow the apostates. And every sacrifice will cease from the churches. And the liturgy of God will be mocked. And the priests will be as laymen. And Ishmael will cry out with a great voice, boasting and saying, “Where is the God of the Romans? There is no one helping them, for we have defeated them completely.” For truly the three sons of Hagar will roar against the Romans. And they will cross over against the Seven-hilled (city) toward Byznatium. And conferring, they will say (among) themselves. “Come and let us make a bridge in the sea with boats and transport horses for ourselves to Byzantium, the Seven-hilled (city).” But the rulers of the Romans, and the magnates of the Seven-hilled (city) will flee to the glens of the mountains. And there will be fear and affliction. And there will be much necessity of the mountains. And the people of the Seven-hilled (city) will be afflicted by the sword. Woe, woe then. How will the orthodox faith of the Christians and the invincible power of the honorable and life-giving cross be overcome?

Chapter three

But hear, brethren, that because of their iniquity God forbears. And the first will set up his couch across from Byzantium. And he will strike and they will be stricken. And then the rulers of the Romans blaspheme, saying, “Woe, woe, neither in heaven do we have a king nor on the earth.” And with this word the Lord will incline his mercy toward the Romans and toward their revenge and will repay justice to his enemies. And there will be a great sound from heaven and a fearful earthquake and a voice from the angel from heaven. And the Lord will incline his head and will set his fury against the sons of Hagar and upon the feet of Ishmael. And the Lord will lift up the cowardice of the Romans and put (it) into the hearts of Ishmael, and the courage of the Ishmaelites into the hearts of the Romans. And the Lord will raise up a king of the Romans, who people say is dead and useful for nothing, who people think died many years before. The Lord is reserving this man in the outer country of Persia. This (is) his name: that which (begins with) the letter K of the alphabet. And this man is coming to the Sevenhilled city toward the evening. And he will prepare for his enemies. And on Saturday morning, as the sun rises, he will engage in a great war with the nation and the sons of Hagar, both he and the two small boys. And the rulers of the Romans will gather together in Byznatium. Then even the priests of the Romans and the bishops and abbots who are found will bear weapons of war.

Chapter four

And when he has gathered those together with (the) two small boys, that king also will join in a mighty war with the nation of the sons of Hagar. And he will massacre them like the grass of a reed being burned by fire. And from their blood a three-year-old bull will drowns. And the king alone will pursue a thousand and the two small boys myriads. And Ishmael and the sons of Hagar will be butchered to the end. And there will be war and great bloodshed such as has not been since the foundation of the world, The blood will be mixed in the sea one and a half miles. And in the streets of the Seven-hilled (city) horses will be submerged, drowning in the blood. And from that nation and from Ishmael there will remain only three tents of men. And (the) sons of Ishmael will serve the chief donkey drivers of the Seven-hilled (city for) thirty years. And the nature of Ishmael in the sword and in captivity is more bitter and more grievous beyond that of the Romans. And the Roman race will desire to see a trace of Ishmael and will not find (it). And then the prophetic word will be fulfilled (that says): “How will one pursue a thousand and two remove myriads unless the Lord God rejected them and the Lord gave them over?”

Chapter five

And the king of the Romans will subdue every enemy and adversary under his feet. And the scepter of that king will be long-lived, likewise (that) of the two small boys. And his fame will go forth from the east and the west. And there will be one empire. And no one will resist him because this man has come from God and he will cause all war to cease. And there will be great peace. And every city and fortresses will be built. And there will be many altars acceptable to God in all the civilized world. And all the islands and the mountains will be inhabited. And the bread and the wine and the olive oil and the gold and the silver will increase in all the earth. And that king will cause all hostility to cease upon the earth. And they will make their weapons into scythes. And his reign will be (for) thirty-six years. And the rulers of the Romans will desire to join in war but will not find (it). And all the perimeter(s) of the earth will fear them. And that king will glorify God because in his reign God gave to him the good things of the earth which he did not give since the foundation of the world. And the king will fall asleep in peace. And his two small boys will be taken up in peace after thirty-three years.

Chapter six

And after him there will arise from the north another king. And working great impurities and many injustices, he will also work great iniquities. And he will couple mother and son and brother and sister. And he will bring the monks out of the holy monasteries and will join the monasteries together and will cause the nuns to lie with his nation. And he will work great transgressions. Woe, woe then (to) the Christian race. Woe to those who are pregnant. And the praises of God also will cease. And the Lord God will call fire from heaven and will consume them. And after him a foul and alien woman will reign in the Seven-hilled (city). And she will settle on the southern side of the Seven-hilled (city).

Chapter seven

And therefore woe (to) the Christian race. And woe to you. Seven-hilled Babylon, because the Byzantium of God will flee from you. And your holiness and your temples will flee from you. And your glory will fall. And woe to you, Seven-hilled Babylon, the new Byzantium. And woe to you, the Christian race. Again (there will be) an inroad of nations, again fear (among) the Romans, again slaughters and disturbances (for) the Roman nation. Churches will be destroyed. The faith has been dissolved. Women conceive the babies of misbelievers. And therefore woe to you, wretched Babylon, the mother of cities, because God will incline his wrath which emits fire. And your high walls will fall. And there will remain in you only one pillar of Constantine the Great, so that they who sail the sea may lament there. And furthermore the kingdom will be taken up from him and will be given to Rome.

Chapter eight

And another great scepter will arise from Judea. And his name (is) Dan. And then the Jews, the implacable Hebrew race, who are dispersed into cities and countries, will be gathered together. And they will be gathered together there. And they will come into Jerusalem toward their king, And they will afflict the Christian race in all the earth. Woe, woe, good people.

Chapter nine

With him reigning, the Antichrist will go forth from the lower regions and the chasms of Hades. And he will come into a small garidion fish. And he is coming in the broad sea. And he will be caught by twelve fishermen. And the fishermen will become maddened toward each other. One will prevail over them, whose name (is) Judas. And he takes that fish for his inheritance and comes into a place named Gouzeth and there sells the fish for thirty silver pieces. And a virgin girl will buy the fish. Her name (is) Injustice because the son of injustice will be born from her. And her surname will be Perdition. For by touching the head of the fish she will become pregnant and will conceive the Antichrist himself. And he will be born from her (after) three months. And he will suckle (from) her (for) four months. He come into Jerusalem and becomes a false teacher. And he will appear quiet and gentle and guileless. The height of his stature (will be) fifteen feet. And the hairs of his head (will reach) as far as his feet. And he (will be0 large and three-crested. And the track of his feet (will be) large. His eyes (will be) like the star which rises in the morning, and his right (eye will be) like a lion’s. His lower teeth (will be) iron and his lower jaw diamond. And his right arm (will be) iron and his left copper. And his right hand (will be0 four and a half feet (long). (He will be) long-faced, long-nosed, and disorderly. And he also has upon his forehead three letters; A, K, T. And the A signifies: “I deny,” the K: “And I completely reject,” the T: “The befouled dragon.” And the Antichrist will be teaching and being taught.

Chapter ten

At that time there will be an abundance of grain and wine and olive oil such as has not been since the foundation of the world. And in those times the ear will pour out a half measure of grain. And the vine branch will put out a hundred grape clusters. And the grape cluster will bear ten thousand (grapes) and will pour out a hundred measures. And the seed of the olive tree will be complete. And there will be much fruitfulness of all kinds. And the land will be fruitful and will produce her fruits a hundredfold.

Chapter eleven

And the Jewish nation and the Jerusalemites will take counsel saying, “Come, let us make this admirable man king.” And they make him king and crown him (after) three days, And he will reign (for) three years. And in his first year all the grass upon the earth will fail. And in the whole world there will not be found a half measure of grain or a half jar of wine nor other fruit. Then there will be a mighty plague. And those on the mainland will flee to the islands and those on the islands to the mainland. And for a time a manner of disease will be upon the whole earth and a great plague which has never occurred until that era. And the people will be deadened. If the just man is barely saved, how will the sinner appear?

Chapter twelve

And then the unclean spirits and the demons will go forth like the sand of the sea, those in the abyss and those in the crags and ravines. And they will adhere to the Antichrist and they also will be tempting the Christians and killing the babies of the women. And they themselves will suckle from them. And then the people will be calling upon death and digging up the tombs and saying, “Blessed and thrice blessed are you who have already died, because you did not reach these days.” And they who go down to the sea also (will be) saying, “May the fury of your waves swallow us also, O holy sea.” And then all flesh of the Romans will lament. And while there will be temporary joy and exultation of the Jews, (there will be) affliction and oppression of the Romans from every necessity of the evil demons. And the earth will become like copper. And all greenery will dry up. And every tree and every flower upon the earth will fail. And the lakes and the rivers and the wells will dry up. And the moisture of the waters will completely dry up.

Chapter thirteen

And then the Antichrist will lift up a stone in his hands and say, “Believe in me and I will make these stones (into) bread.” And then (the) Jews will worship (him), who are saying, “You are Christ for whom we pray and on account of you the Christian race has grieved us greatly.” And then the Antichrist will boast, saying to the Jews. “Do not be grieved thus. A little (while and) the Christian race will see and will realize who I am.” And the Antichrist lifts up (his) voice toward the flinty rock, saying, “Become bread before the Jews.” And disobeying him, the rock becomes a dragon. And the dragon says to the Antichrist. “O you who are full of every iniquity and injustice, why do you do things which you are not able?” And the dragon shames him before the Jews.

Chapter fourteen

And then three men will go forth and will condemns him (as) a liar and a deceiver. And these three men, two from heaven and one from the earth, also walk before the Antichrist and say, “Woe to you, O worker of injustice and inheritor of eternal fire.” And they will walk-in all the earth, crying out and saying to the afflicted Christians, “Hear, O sons of men, and do not worship him, because he is not the Christ nor a God-fearing man, but he is the Antichrist. And many Christians will run to the feet of the saints and say, “What shall we do, O saints? Where shall we Christians hide?” And many of the Christians will hide in the mountains and caves and in the holes of the earth (and0 will be saved, so that the treacherous Samuel might not seize them. And when the Antichrist finds these three men he will kill them by the sword. Then that spoken by the prophet David will be fulfilled. “Then they will offer up bulls upon your altar.” And with the Antichrist reigning and with the demons persecution, the Jews contriving vanities against the Christians, the great day of the Lord draws near. And there will be judgment and recompense. And the deception of the devil will fall. And the light of the world, Christ our Lord and king of glory, will flower, to whom is due all glory and honor and dominion forever. Amen.


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