Does the Zodiac Predate ALL Existing Cultures? Who is it about?

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One of the tantalising mysteries of archaeology has been the

Would you believe that all over the world – despite language
differences – isolated ancient cultures had IDENTICAL meanings
for the names of the constellations and stars.

For example, the same group of stars was called Virgo by the
Romans, Bethulah by the Hebrews, Parthenos by the Greeks, and
Kanya by the Indians. And every one of these names means

Investigators have come to the conclusion that all nations had
an original zodiac with a common source.


Zodiac? you ask. Isn’t that an astrological term? Not really.
Perhaps before proceeding further we should define our terms.

Astrology is the linking of positions and aspects of celestial
bodies to the belief that they influence earthly and human

Astronomy, on the other hand, is purely and simply the
scientific study of the celestial bodies and phenomena. The
zodiac belongs not to astrology, but to astronomy.

You see, very early in human history, the stars were named
and arranged into groups (constellations) and drawn on sky
charts as pictures of animals, people and other objects.

These constellations extend in a belt about 16 degrees wide,
encircling the earth. If the stars could be seen in daytime,
the sun, moon and planets would appear to move through this
belt over the course of one year, in a path called the

It is this belt, with 12 months for its steps or stages, that
we call the zodiac (not from the Greek life as is commonly
supposed, but from a more ancient Hebrew word meaning a way
by steps).

Each stage of the yearly cycle contains its own group of stars
designated by a picture, or sign. These are the 12 signs of
the zodiac.

Each sign is accompanied by 3 more adjacent signs, called
decans (pieces). This makes a numbered and well-ordered set
of 48 signs (12 groups of 4).

(Actually there are 88 constellations in all, but only 48 lie
within the band across the sky known as the zodiac.)


The world has looked in vain for the origin of these inventions.
Current attempts to explain the zodiac's existence are clearly
lame and absurd, with no supporting fact.

It has been taught in introductory astronomy classes that these
star groupings resulted from the fantasies of primitive

Ask any expert, “Where did the constellations come from?”

“To identify the locations of surrounding nations,” some will

“No,” retort others. “They come from observations of the
seasons and man's seasonal occupations.”

For example, in December the sun was seen ascending toward the
north, so men gave that month the sign of a Goat, because goats
like to climb rocks! Hmm…er, well.

September's equal days and nights led to the drawing of the
sign of the Scales, it is said (though one wonders why March had
no such sign, and unfortunately - but don't dare mention it -
these “equal” Balances have one side up and the other down!).

October, abundant in fruit, meant that many people got sick,
hence a Scorpion! (These wizards seem unworried by the fact that
the scorpion has no particular season.)

Such delightful twaddle has actually appeared [don't laugh] in
our books of science.

It is true that some of the signs have at times been used as
seasonal markers. However, being of less than infinite
intelligence, I find myself asking a few dumb questions.

For starters, how is it there is not one country anywhere that
the interpretations for all the signs fit?

Then again, why, if the signs were developed to reflect local
planting conditions (which would differ in each global region),
or to celebrate local legends, then why are the signs - from
Mexico to Africa to Polynesia - the same the world over?
(Dead Men’s Secrets, p.17. <http://www.beforeus.com> )

Something else. Modern explanation is limited to only 12 of
the constellations. What of the remaining 36 equally
conspicuous figures?

One could go on, but you get the point. Is it not disturbing?

Here is a great and masterly system of ancient hieroglyphics,
very ancient and in use today, which modern man cannot
historically or scientifically explain.

It baffles them. So they guess. And the flippancy with which
they dispose of some of the problems, while ignoring others,
shows that they have not fully taken in the case.

I feel sorry for the theorists, but that will not do.

There is enough evidence now to show that not until Greece,
Rome and later, did such mistaken notions arise. The more
ancient peoples never so explained these signs.

Several ancient nations, such as the Chaldeans, the Egyptians,
the Persians, the Indians, and the Chinese, although seated
at some great distance from each other, possessed astronomical
formulae common to them all.

These were handed down to them by tradition from some general
source: for they used them, as our workmen use certain
mechanical or geometrical rules, without any knowledge of the
principles on which they were originally constructed.

Research now suggests that the constellation figures were
designed as a pictorial scientific coordinate system. In other
words, a set of imaginary lines for measuring positions.

But the pictures formed by them told a story.


Is it possible that the system had one common origin?  Why do
I ask that? Because we find that this same star story was
scattered across the whole ancient world.


A prophecy?  Yes, it was a prophecy – and shown on star charts
in 48 pictures as well as in the meanings of star names.

So, what was this prophecy? That’s clear when you examine the
ancient names. It was about an expected coming Deliverer.

So many of us have just assumed that the star signs were to
tell peoples’ fortunes through the stars?

Oh, come on! It’s evident they had nothing to do with astrology.
They were known long before astrology was ever thought of.

It turns out that the ancient civilizations believed that a
serpent (representing the Devil) had taken control of the earth.

They believed that a virgin’s baby would fight the serpent,
defeat him and bring life, peace and happiness back to mankind.

The hieroglyphic pictures on the star maps plainly showed this.
It was a prophecy that parents around the world passed down to
their children.

In fact, carefully researching these star maps myself, I was
able to catalogue no less than 116 absolute parallelisms between
these star messages and prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures
which told of the same coming Deliverer.

Both sources told the same, identical story – from beginning
to end… the prophecy of a Messiah who would come to rescue men
and woman of planet Earth.


How old are these star signs?

From internal evidences, it has been calculated that both the
solar and lunar zodiacs had their origin when the summer
solstice was in the first degree of Virgo, about 4000 BC.

As you may already know, each year the stars rise and set some
50.2 seconds later. In 2,156 years they fall back 30 degrees.

It has been calculated that when the earliest zodiac sphere was
drawn, the position of the stars in relation to earth was
almost 90 degrees different from now.

So this brings us close to 4000 BC. That’s 6,000 years ago.

To tie the evidence together, it now appears that a promised
Messiah was portrayed on star maps that go back thousands of
years older than the various “christ” legends of India, Mexico,
Greece and Rome.

This prophecy was known to mankind LONG BEFORE the time of
the Sumerians, the Indians or the Egyptians.

In fact, whether you believe them or not, the ancients
themselves claimed it had been handed down from the first
parents of the human race.

If this has whetted your appetite for more scientific discovery,
you may like to pursue this further.


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