What Happend to the Ancient Advanced Cultures of the Amazon?

Were you aware that where there is now the dense jungle of the
South American Amazon, there was, some 3,000 to 4,000 years ago
a vast stretch of inland water?


When man first settled South America, the whole Amazon basin
was a shallow inland sea.  Into the great inland Amazon Sea,
many rivers flowed which are now the arms and feeders of the
great Amazon River.

And also at that time there was no mountain range between the
Amazon and the Pacific Ocean.  The Amazon Sea connected naturally
with the Atlantic Ocean in the east and with the Pacific in the
west, by canals.

These canals remained intact until the Andes mountains were
raised suddenly. But that is something for another time.

The shore lines of this inland sea are distinctly visible today:

1.The northern shores:  Along the foothills of the Venezuelan
highlands are beautiful white quartz beaches.

2.The western shores: Along the eastern foothills of the Andes,
these shorelines can also be seen.

In the midst of the Amazon basin there are vast tracks of sand
“islands” not too far from the rivers’ edges.

These sandy strips in the midst of savannah or even forest
seem to be ancient beaches where the sea surf once broke; yet
they cannot be so very ancient because continental vegetation
has not yet deposited more than the thinnest green veneer on
most of them.

Some Brazilian scientists claim they have evidence that the
Amazon Sea was still there about the year 1200 B.C.

In the nineteenth century, James Churchward was travelling
through Tibet.  At one of the western monasteries he found some
large tablets, which on examination proved to contain maps of
various parts of the earth.  These were very ancient.  Among
these maps was one of South America.

This South American map shows the Amazon Sea.  It also shows
a city at the exact spot where the ruins of Tiahuanaco (in
Bolivia, south of Lake Titicaca) are today.  And it shows a
canal nearby.

If you go to that ruined city today, you can find nearby the
remains of ancient stone-lined canals, which are broken up and
out of alignment, up and down, like the swells of the sea.

That whole area has risen thousands of feet.  And there are
clues that it happened suddenly.

The now arid regions of the coastal strip of Peru and Chile
must once have been very different.  Deserts could not have
supported the extensive cities with great urban populations
whose ruins have been uncovered there.

I’ve flown over the great Peruvian Desert.  It is the driest
in the world.

Even in our time, Chile’s Coquimbo region was used for cattle
grazing.  It is now so depleted that only hardy cacti and
goats seem able to survive.

, I invite you to come with me, now, on an adventure
you’ll never forget. What awaits you is an amazing journey
as you come face to face with a weird world of seemingly
endless questions…


Here is a quiz for you. How many of these 30 amazing facts
did you know?

* Did you know that there are islands, now deep beneath the
sea, with remains of cities, palaces and temples on them?

* Did you hear about the pilot who, on a trans-ocean flight,
discovered a drowned mountainside city in the middle of the
Atlantic Ocean?

* Were you aware of the ruins up to four stories high, that
you can explore only if you go diving?

* Did you know that a submarine accidently bumped into a
flight of man-made steps cut into a cliffside 1,400 feet
elow the surface?

* What mystery lies within those creepy 700 miles of tunnels
in the Sahara desert?

* Have you heard of the bizarre lost city in the clouds?

* Did you know that one man’s treachery brought ruin to a
magnificent kingdom?

* And what are white quartz surf beaches doing high up,
hundreds of miles from the sea?

* Did you know that a city of gleaming white pyramids,
towering palaces and broken fountains, has been discovered
poking up through a tract of virtually unknown jungle in
northern Brazil?

* Why did a group of women escape to an impregnable mountain
top city… and what happened to them?

* Did you know that from Mexico to Chile, thousands of ruins of
towns and cities, buried under dense jungle or desert sands
have never been explored?

* Have you heard the incredible true story of how thousands of
city folk, sophisticated in commerce, became savages in the

* Who carved hundreds of rooms high into the wall of the Grand
Canyon, 2,000 feet above the present river bed?

* What mysterious “giants” built a city in Death Valley? What
hovering heat source destroyed it?

* Did you know there are traces of ancient cities spread out from
Florida, through the Mississippi and over into Arizona and New
Mexico?  That one of them, in Texas, had walls up to 49 feet high?

* Do you know where tourists have been able to pass over a lost
city in boats, admiring the ruins visible through the clear water?

* What young lady played a prank with a stolen key, but it resulted
in her home town being destroyed?

* What do you know about the British city, then half the size of
London, that vanished?

* Have you heard of the bells of churches that peal as the sea
currents surge through the bell towers?

* Has anyone told you about the paved roads that go far out under
the sea?

* And about a city the world forgot - encircled by cliffs, guarded
by tall, lean, hawk-faced sentries, and accessible only through a
split in the rock wall? The city where victims’ hearts were torn
out, still beating, as a sacrifice to the sun? Why did this bustling
city die? And how was it re-discovered?

* In a desert of southern Israel is the eeriest ghost town on earth.
What happened to this once-bustling city?

* Have you heard about the 100 once prosperous cities – whose occupants
just packed up and left – but now all empty, with houses almost as
perfect as the day they were built?

* Did you hear about the air planes found 263 feet under the ice?

* the seaport that climbed a mountain range?

* why certain Amazon tribes “have to be” murdered?

* why an Ice Age can occur only if there’s great heat?

* Where was the legendary Ophir, fabled land of gold?

* What amazing device could cut hard metal without friction or heat?

* Did you know about the scholars who were caught sabotaging ancient


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