What Makes John the Baptist a Prophet (and what did it have to do with Jesus)?

How was John the Baptist a Prophet of Israel?


1) he baptized Jews with the baptism of conversion and renunciation of paganism

2) he was supposed to have been leading Temple worship in Jerusalem as High Priest, even as his dad was supposed to have done (the high priest's office was politically appointed in those days). His father was chosen by Lot to carry out the Priestly duties, which meant John was the heir. It was his responsibility to lead Israel in worship. Since he could not do it in Jerusalem, he did it in Exile at the river Jordan. The people flocked to him. He promised one greater than he would baptize them with the Spirit of God.

3} only a high priest could baptize another high priest into his office. He baptized Jesus into the  Melchizedek priesthood. Responding to John's protest with, "We must allow this to fulfill all righteousness." Melchi-zedek means, "King of Righteousness." Thus Jesus became our righteousness, and the distributor and leader of the kingdom of priests and kings that would rise up and follow his righteous leadership. A priesthood greater than John's, "Whose shoe-buckles I am not worthy to buckle." Of whom John also said, "i must decrease that he may increase, " thus specifying that the Priesthood of Messiah would be more signifigant, greater.

4) at the same Baptism, he consecrated Jesus as the Lamb of God, who took the place of Isaac as Abraham's 1ST born son whom God commanded must be sacrificed. JESUS was later sacrificed on the same mountain as Isaac was nearly killed.  At Jesus` baptism, The Spirit of God  visibly descended onto Jesus and the audible voice of the Father spoke into creation for the first time in history, without going through the Mediator known as the Word of God, giving HIS own Testimony that Jesus is the Firstborn Son and the Lamb providing himself to be sacrificed, with the words, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."


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