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The Palestinian cause has been used as a diversionary tactic for a long time, since the 1960s, to call attention away from the Arabs being realistic, responsible, and cleaning up their own crap: abuse of their own people. The Palestinians have been used and abused by their leaders (and leaders from other nations), kept in poverty with little work, and no education - aside from teaching hatred of the Jews as the scapegoat for their problems. The hatred of Jews and Israel isn't the cause of their misery. The Palestinians are the cause of their own misery because they keep rejecting the offer to have their own state and accept Israel's existence. The issue is also about how the Arabs and Muslims they treat Arabs and Muslims. An orchestrated and united anger and hatred is the fuel that keeps the Arabs and Muslims under control and without the ability to see what's really happening and who's truly responsible for it. They have been so brainwashed they are unable to see the truth. Until they can remove the veils from their faces (and I mean both men and women) and see truth there can be no positive change.The bare basics:
There is no Palestinian culture, language, nor cuisine. There has never been a land called "Palestine" ruled by "Palestinians." (FYI, Philistines were Greek and they ate pork. Delilah and Goliath were Philistines. Philistines died out.) There has never been a Palestinian president or Prime Minister or government or military. This whole notion of there being a Palestine is a recent and false invention, based on lies and violence, with NO intention for peaceful co-existence with Israel, or any other nation who won't kowtow to them. Since the 1880's, it was the Jewish pioneers who began to redeem the land, Israel, from wilderness. Only thereafter, did the Arabs come from other lands to benefit from what the Jews built and try to take it away from them. If anyone really wants peace with Israel, they MUST recognize Israel's existence, and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it is. The fact that foreign governments, INCLUDING THE U.S., do not do so, ensures continued war by the Arabs and the destruction of Israel.According to God, (the ancient bibles) the land of the Israelites/Hebrews/Jews, is:
"Gilead as far as Dan; all Naphtali; the land of Ephraim and Manasseh; the whole land of Judah as far as the Western Sea (Mediterranean) the Negev; and the Plain - the Valley of Jericho, the city of palm trees as far as Zoar. And the Lord said to him (Moses), "This is the land of which I swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, 'I will assign it to your offspring.' I have let you see it with your own eyes..."(Exodus 34) In Joshua 1, it is written: ..."Every spot on which your foot treads I give to you, as I promised Moses. Your territory shall extend from the wilderness and the Lebanon to the Great River, the River Euphrates (on the east) - the whole Hittite country - and up to the Mediterranean Sea on the west. No one shall be able to resist you as long as you live. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you."

map of twelve tribes

All right - let's leave the Hebrew Bible out of it and stick to modern day facts. If Arab hatred toward Israel is based on their love and support for their Palestinian brethren and their wanting to have their own state, where were those concerns before modern-day Israel? Why didn't they rise up and speak out when the Kingdom of Jordan temporarily ruled the area? Why didn't the Arab world and the United Nations call on Jordan to stop occupying Palestinian land? Fact is, the Palestinian people didn't exist until 1967, LONG AFTER Israel became a state. Prior to that they were just Arabs belonging to different Arab nations. Any Arab born in Israel after 1948 is technically an Israeli, whether they be Arab, Jew, Christian, or Druze. IF THE ARAB AND MUSLIM NATIONS REALLY CARE ABOUT WANTING PEACE AND HELPING THEIR 'BRETHREN,' WHY HASN'T ANY OF THEM STOPPED THE KILLING, AND OFFERED THE MILLIONS OF EMPTY ACRES OF LAND THEY HAVE FOR A PALESTINIAN HOMELAND? The entire problem can be solved if only they would do so. BUT, the majority do not have a consciousness that is evolved enough for respect for other cultures, or peace and compassion. Nor do they want the "Palestinians" in their lands.

Furthermore, if the Palestinians are all suffering so much under Israel (as they claim to be), and that they have no choice but to become suicide murderers and use whatever weapons they have against Israel, why is it that NOT ONE NON-MUSLIM Palestinian has resorted to this and yet they live in the same place? And there are quite a number of Christian Palestinians who do not resort to terrorism. Here is the highest goal for Palestinians.


"There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not."
--- Professor Philip Hitti, Arab historian to Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, 1946.

You can't rely on the accounts for history in most Arab nations, because they never accurately teach it, and have this amazing habit of reinventing it on the spot. This whole notion of there being a Palestine is a recent invention - 1967 to be exact. The homeland of the so-called Palestinians is not Israel. The historical homelands of these nomadic Arabs (Ottomans and Turks) are Jordan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and approximately 80% of the Jordanian population is made up of Palestinians. They were exiled from these nations, and others, because they were always trouble makers and no one wanted them. To this day Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other nations finance Arafat and his terrorists in order to keep them out of their countries.

"From the end of the Jewish state in antiquity to the beginning of British rule, the area now designated by the name Palestine was not a country and had no frontiers, only administrative boundaries . . . . "
-- Professor Bernard Lewis, Commentary Magazine, January 1975.

Let's backtrack into history a bit and show how this developed:

The holiest place for Islam is Mecca, not Jerusalem. Jerusalem isn't mentioned in the Koran. Jerusalem IS mentioned over 700 times in the Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures. The Jews were only continuous and stable population in the region from time immemorial - they did not abandon Jerusalem, even after the Roman conquest in A.D. 70. Israel has been the homeland of the Hebrews for almost six thousand years.Muhammad (who started Islam) was born in the year 570. Islam is the only religion that defiles other religions, churches, temples, shrines, and graves.

The U.N. and Jews accepted the land of Israel when offered to them by the British. The Arabs didn't want the land of Israel for themselves when offered to them. There was division among the Arabs. The Arabs who lived in Israel at the time left voluntarily, hoping to get it back by force - and they did launch attacks upon Israel the day after Israel became a nation. So the problem is with the most of the Arabs, not anyone else. However, some of the Arabs (including Arafat's own uncle) did sell land to those Jews who were not native to Israel (at greatly inflated prices), because these Arabs weren't resident. They lived mostly in Jordan. The Jews refused to kick out anyone living in Israel when Israel became a nation. They encouraged everyone to live together in peace. Fighting malaria from mosquito infested swamps, and many other severe hardships (because Israel was largely undeveloped), the Jews created a modern nation. Arabs came afterwards to reap benefits from that.

In June 1913, the president of the First Arab Congress, Abd-ul-Hamid Yahrawi, summed up the attitude of the delegates: "All of us, both Muslims and Christians, have the best of feelings toward the Jews. they are our brothers in race and we regard them as Syrians who were forced to leave the country at one time but whose hearts always beat together with ours. We are certain that our Jewish brothers the world over will know how to help us so that our common interests may succeed and our common country will develop both materially and morally."

In March 1919, the Emir Faisal wrote to then Harvard law professor Felix Frankfurter: "The Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. ...We will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home. ...We are working together for a reformed and revised Near East and our two movements complete one another. The Jewish movement is nationalist and not imperialist. Indeed, I think that neither can be a real success without the other."

November 28, 2002 marked the 55th anniversary of the United Nations Resolution 181. According to Israel Radio, Resolution 181 partitioned the then British mandated region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, and recognized the State of Israel.

There is no "occupation" other than Syria's illegal occupation of Lebanon - (please read this real history and legalities of the lands in question) of Israel on Palestinian lands (because it was never the Palestinians' to begin with), and NOT "illegal" settlements. This so-called "occupation" was created solely for Arab propaganda. When Israel was attacked by Egypt in 1967, and of course no one condemned that attack or stepped in to help Israel, Israel shocked the world. In the attempts to save themselves, Israel not only won the war, but gained the land of the Sinai, Gaza, and the West Bank. So it's nonsense that terrorism was created by the Palestinians claiming illegal Israeli occupation - they have been committing terrorist activities long before Israel had no choice but to be in that region, anyway BECAUSE of the Palestinian's terrorist activities.

The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. [Abba Eban] The Indoctrination of Palestinian Children to hate and murder...NEW PHOTOS.... copy this into your url window, and please send this to your lists. Go to this page to see them. We cannot hope for peace unless this kind of education stops.

The Arab's (and mostly Arafat's) all-mighty pride could not accept that Holocaust survivors could reclaim their ancient Jewish land and win wars against them. It is their egos that is the problem, and since they can't accept the existence of Israel they expect that Israel and the world owes them something. It infuriates me and Israelis and anyone who knows what happpened since then, because there could have been peace all along, but the Arabs WOULD NOT ALLOW IT. And they still don't. As of September 19, 2002, we still hear this kind of lie and hatred from Palestinian spokesmen: Hamas spokesman Abdel Aziz Rantisi welcomed the attack on Israelis. "The Zionists are paying for the crimes and terrorism of their leaders, and they should know that we are the real owners of this land and we will never give it up," he said.

However, some of the Arabs are "offering" to recognize Israel as long as Israel gives back what it won in a war in 1967? What crap. Why do the Jews or Israelis have to justify or excuse their existence? What is the problem with Arabs and Muslims who after fifty years of the nation of Israel's existence still can't accept the reality that Israel exists? How about every one of you nations that ever won land in a war return it now - especially to many who never even lived there, and forget that it is the ancestral, ancient, and religious homeland of your own people, and also your only defense against surrounding nations which want to destroy you - okay? Would YOU jump to do it? Would you embrace creatures who murder babies while they sleep in bed, or strap bombs around their own children then blow them up? Can you call people who willingly blow up their own children human beings? As a mother, I could NEVER do such a thing, under any circumstances. And then these so-called "Palestinians" have the ghaul to say that they don't attack innocent civilians, and use the double standard that people are entitled to protect their homes (yeah, as long as they're not Jewish or Israeli homes being protected)?!

There has been a long chain of events that have led up to the present situation in the Middle East. To put it very simply, the Palestinian people created the mess they are currently in. The Palestinians cry that it's Sharon who's the problem, like it all just popped up in the last two years, and since they have selective memory (and that selective memory is shared by many in the world), I have to remind all of you that Sharon came to his position after Barak, and before Barak it was Netanyahu, and before him it was Rabin, and then we can go a bit further back before Peres and Shamir and...to Begin WHO GAVE LAND that it gained when Egypt attacked Israel in 1967, developed land, precious water, hotels, roads, everything - FOR PEACE. What did Egypt give Israel? Not land, but only a promise not to attack them and have some kind of civil relationship with Israel, and develop trade (that never really blossomed from Egypt's side). Sadat also gave his life for peace. When Iraq attacked Israel, Israel was urged not to respond. In fact, each time Israel was ordered by the U.S. to back away and not retaliate.

And let's not forget Shimon Peres. "I worked together with the late Prime Minister Rabin and he told me: 'You're a builder of a force and I'm a user of a force' and I answered him, 'Yes, if you build a force maybe you wouldn't have to use it. That was my purpose: to build a force that will make force unnecessary. I went to the nuclear option, because I thought this could become a deterrent and prevent war." --Israeli Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

What happened in all of those years after Begin? Like Sadat, Rabin gave his life for peace. Rabin also gave territory. He really believed that would stop the violence. His life was taken for nothing. AFTER he gave the territories, what happened? After Sharon forced the evacuation of Israeli settlements, like Yamit, what happened? After the murder of hundreds of Jews, what happened? Did the Palestinians give anything for peace? Only continuous bus bombings in Israel. No one wanted to get on bus. Then the popular term for those who were murdered in bus bombings was "victims of peace." Give the Palestinians land and they start killing you. They've never stopped.

AT THAT TIME ARAFAT WAS SUPPOSED TO STOP MURDERING JEWS. He received weapons and made promises, swore there'd be no more attacks, and DID NOTHING BUT INCREASE THE VIOLENCE. Then Netanyahu became PM because people wanted him to take care of all of the terrorist bombings in Israel. Netanyahu knows the Palestininans and Arabs very well. He was a very good PM and under him there was far less violence than ever. BUT, then came the Peace Now movements and all these people who believed that you can talk to terrorists and they'll make nice. Personally, I'd like to see one of these Peace Now people stop a terrorist bomber who's just boarded a bus and think that person can be talked into peace and not detonate themselves. Nice fantasy. The only thing that will stop them is when each person rigged with bombs stops to think about what they're doing and how that will not only end their own life while killing others, but it will have a very strong effect upon their families. What are they gaining by doing this?

It's the same kind of silly reasoning that believes that pulling out of territories that are a threat to your survival is enough to ensure peace, right? Just like Lebanon. Israel totally pulled out of Lebanon, and is STILL being attacked from there, with Syria's help. Where is the world's outrage about this? Where is the world outcry about Syria not recognizing Lebanon? Syria is calling the shots, literally. Plus, Syria hosts 11 terrorists organizations. Don't tell me to trust any of these Arab and Muslim nations because they break their word to their own people, invade each other's nations, and torture and kill each other daily.

So, people voted for Barak, who basically handed over more than 90% of Israel (thanks to Clinton) to Arafat, and Arafat walked out and refused. What happened then? More suicide bombers were ordered.

Sharon came in recently as PM because Israelis had it with this terrorism. Where is Clinton now, who can tell everyone how he coerced Israel into the Oslo Accords, and remind people of this chain of sorry events that he was part of, from Rabin to Barak? And still, Arafat broke every promise and agreement and continued to wage his war for all of Israel to be his. This brings us to today. It's been a long time coming. And Israel has had enough.

The greatest mistake ever made was in legitimizing the "Palestinians," as if they were a real culture with a land that used to be only theirs - a fabrication by the Muslim nations and those Arabs who 1) feared and hated them; 2) didn't want to take responsibility for this segment of their own people; and 3) now call themselves "Palestinians" rejected the few offers to join and decided to go their own way by threatening Israel's existence until they could take all of Israel for themselves. Remember: Arafat is the man who always wears his military uniform. On his uniform is a patch of his map of what he calls "Palestine" - which is ALL of Israel. HE WORE THIS MILITARY UNIFORM AND PATCH WHEN SIGNING THE PEACE AGREEMENTS AND WHEN HE RECEIVED THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

Had it not been for the insatiable pride and greed for power, to want all of Israel, the relentless hatred of Jews by their insane dictator Arafat, the so-called Palestinian people would have had their own country years ago.

The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians were given their own lands thanks to Israel's generosity - Gaza and the West Bank, which is also historically Jewish Judea and Sameria. If the West Bank was ever occupied illegally, it was done so by Trans-Jordan in 1948. So who's really occupying whom? When Jews were living in Bethlehem and Hebron (for thousands of years), these Palestinians came from Jordan and committed genocide against the Jews. Don't believe that Jews lived there? Remember this Jewish guy named Jesus? Remember what Islam was created from?

In 1991, President Bush stated: "In accordance with the United States traditional policy, we do not support the creation of an independent Palestinian state. [. . . .] Moreover, it is not the United States' aim to bring the PLO into the process or to make Israel enter a dialogue or negotiations with the PLO." Since then, there has been much fluctuation and straying from that initial statement. In 2001, Bush did a 360 and said that a "vision of long standing" of U.S. policy to create a Palestinian State west of the Jordan River, carved out of the heartland of the historic Land of Israel. This newly-discovered long-standing vision was quickly sanctified in a UN Security Council resolution.

Zahir Muhsein, executive committee member of the PLO said, on March 31, 1977, in the Dutch newspaper Trouw: "The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose Zionism.

Any Muslim who does not support Judaism and Israel's right to exist can't call themselves a Muslim, because Islam grew out of Judaism and share the common ancestor, Abraham. "And thereafter We said to the Children of Israel: 'Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd." the Koran (17:104, The Night Journey).


"I am ready to kill for the sake of my cause; wouldn't I lie for it?"
--- Yassir Arafat

Who is Arafat? He was born in Egypt (later in life he fought for Egypt) and when he was four years old his mother died, so he was sent to live with an uncle in Jerusalem. I think the problem these terrorist leaders share in common is not being raised with a loving mother! He wears his military uniform for both formal and casual wear. He even wore his military uniform (including a permanent shield on it of the map of Israel as being his Palestine) for signing the peace agreements and for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize (I gagged as I wrote that). Lose the uniform, Yassir! Anyone who spends every minute of their lives in a military uniform can't be a peacenik, and must be so full of themselves. (Look at Saddam and Castro) Lose the uniform and let your hair down, be a human being once in a while. This guy keeps saying that he's destined to be a shaheed - well, what's taking him so long? Why wasn't he the first to sacrifice his life and achieve his lofty, but delusional, goal? I give him permission - go, do it. We can't wait. It's been long enough.

Arafat is the creator of: the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon; the Munich Olympics massacre; the Achille Lauro hijacking at sea; the Lod Airport shootings; countless foreign assassinations and murders of dissidents among his own ranks; the politically motivated airline hijacking; the cold-blooded killer of U.S. diplomats. His people blew up hundreds of young Israelis going about their daily lives. And the latest, and luckily foiled, plan to destroy Israel with the arms carried on the Karine-A. All of these are crimes for which he still escapes justice. Read more about Arafat here and his family's relationship and affinity with Hitler. The PLO, the Fatah, Tanzim, Hamas, the Al-Aqsa Brigade, and Force 17 are all terrorist organizations who should face the same consequences as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Arafat is the man who teaches young school children how to properly kill puppies, by twisting their heads off. This is done to teach children to be fierce, cruel, and not respect life, AND to see the puppies as Jews and Christians as those they will behead. Christians - if you think you're safe from terror, you're not. They're after you, too. And if you think Arafat cares about anyone besides himself, you'd be wrong. He's only interested in saving his own ass and being the new Islamic hero. And as a post script here - Israel went after and either arrested or killed every terrorist who murdered Israelis. Israelis killed every terrorist who killed Israelis at the Olympics.

Similar acts of animal torture have been publically broadcast on television from Syria, (I HAVE PERSONALLY WITNESSED THIS) with President Assad of Syria smiling and applauding these horrific acts - male and particularly female Syrian soldiers biting the heads off of snakes and kittens to show what they will do to the Jews. When I saw this on only one news program, with Linda Ellerbee reporting it (completely shocked with it, herself), at around 2am, I wrote to every major news station. The replies I received were all the same: they didn't want to show it because they didn't think the American public could handle it, it was in bad taste or too violent. I was furious. I wonder what would have happened had they shown this widely, more than ten years ago, so America could see what the Arabs do. Maybe our news is negligent and contributes to such disasters as 9/11 by keeping the public ignorant or in denial. What do you think?

Do you recall 1970, when Arafat leading the PLO hijacked four civilian planes demanding that European governments release PLO terrorists from their prisons? After the Europe agreed, and the PLO agreed that the hostages would be released, the PLO blew up the planes. In 1972, alone, the PLO blew up a West German electricity plant, a Dutch gas plant and an oil refinery in Trieste, Italy; kill, in conjunction with the Japanese Red Army, 24 at Israel's Lod airport; and massacre 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. In 1973, Black September took the American ambassador and his deputy (along with one Belgian diplomat) hostage in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, and, after President Nixon refused to negotiate, murdered them. This is the man who got a Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe it should be renamed "Piece" prize? That prize should be revoked from him immediately. He's done NOTHING for peace. Ambassador Dennis Ross is counselor and Ziegler distinguished fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. For more than twelve years, Ambassador Ross played a leading role in shaping U.S. involvement in the Middle East peace process and in dealing directly with the parties in negotiations. Ross has an excellent article, "Think Again, Yasir Arafat" that gives a history of Arafat and the peace process.

The Palestinians have only one agenda which Arafat and the PLO Charter repeatedly makes it very clear - to have ALL of Israel with Jerusalem as their capital, drive every Jew and Israeli into the sea. They don't want anything less, and they don't want peace WITH Israel. To think they do reflects ignorance and denial. As long as that Charter is their m.o., there can be no peace. They state in their Charter: "Article 24: The Palestinian people believe in the principles of justice, freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, human dignity, and in the right of all peoples to exercise them." It's absurd and not true. No Palestinian is really free. Of course, #24 doesn't apply to Jews or Israelis. They also state: "Article 6: The Jews who had normally resided in Palestine until the beginning of the Zionist invasion will be considered Palestinians." This tells us that they flat out deny and reject the existence of Israel and how Israelis and Jews see themselves, and how the rest of the world has accepted and approved of the nation of Israel. They want it THEIR way, only, and to determine what Jew or Israeli is. Israelis and Jews are NOT Palestinians - no how, no way. Yet, there are legitimate Israeli Arabs, who have full rights as citizens of Israel. If there would be a Palestinian state, we can be sure they wouldn't treat Jews as equals. The Charter is purely a militant piece of garbage filled with hatred and untruths. If you can stomach the ugly truth, go to Fateh Online and read the blatant lies and incitement to kill and take over all of Israel. In the meantime, they try to wreck as much havor and suffering upon the Jews by terrorists who not only use rat poison, nails, screws, glass and metal shards in their bombs, but some of their own blood is polluted with A.I.D.S., which they hope will spread to the Israelis. As long as Israelis, Jews, Christians live, they must live in pain. Arafat pretends he wants peace, but he is quick to mention and remind Arabs and Muslims to remember al-Hudaybiyah in each speech. This is a code word for "let's do what Mohammad did in the 7th century and fake peace so we can get stronger, then attack and take over." Joseph Farah (Chief Editor of WorldNetDaily.com) has a strong articleon the agenda. (Farah is an Arab-American, by the way, saying it like it really is. Check his archives for more articles on this topic.)

Jan. 26, on Arab TV, Arafat ordered his people to march into Jerusalem as suicide bombers and destroy Israel! Arafat told the Palestinian crowd they were "facing a military crisis, but despite all this, no one has complained of the suffering. They have said, 'Allah is great, and jihad, jihad, jihad'," and "To Jerusalem we will march - millions of martyrs. And, O Allah, Master of the Universe, please let me be one of the martyrs." What happened in less than 24 hours after that broadcast? A suicide bombing in Jerusalem. But we don't see Arafat's outright incitement to terrorism. Arafat's words in Arabic were broadcast across the Middle East by al-Jazeera, the pan-Arab satellite television station, which showed Arafat wagging his finger as he led the crowd in chants of "jihad, jihad, jihad," and "until victory, until victory, until victory."

Arafat set the tone in a 1995 video aired repeatedly on Palestinian television, kissing the delicate cheek of a small Arab girl after she sang a haunting chorus of her desire to enter Jerusalem as a suicide bomber. Such indoctrination was underway well before the death of his "peace partner" Yitzhak Rabin. [Source: International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem]

In a meeting with Arab diplomats in January 1996, Arafat stated: "We the PLO will concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years we will have six to seven million Arabs living on the West Bank and in Jerusalem. The PLO plans to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion; Jews won't want to live among Arabs." What could be clearer? And yet, there are Palestinians who may not agree with this and Israelis who refuse to acknowledge that there is this agenda by the PLO. Regardless, Israel knows who it's dealing with and has every right to protect its citizens and land. When Arafat now claims that he speaks for not only all Palestinians but all Christians, I wonder how Christians feel about that.

"I want you to kill as many settlers as possible....Do not pay attention to what I say to the media, the television, or public appearances. Pay attention only to the written instructions that you receive from me."
--- Yassir Arafat, July, 2001.

News: Arafat is dead - Nov. 10, 2004. May the Middle East finally have peace now that the biggest terrorist , murderer, and obstacle to peace is dead. But, after hearing how some Palestinians are talking - lying, not taking responsibility (as usual) for their activities and refusal to make peace, I don't have that many high hopes.

The war with Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein is not about Israel and the Palestinians. It's not about Sharon visiting the Temple Mount (a JEWISH holy site in Israel's capital of Jerusalem). Sharon should have been welcomed IF the Arabs and Muslims would be peaceful, respectful people, instead of being attacked. Besides, it is a well-known fact that the attacks on the Temple Mount were planned in advance by the Arabs. (Sharon was also found innocent of what happened in Lebanon - in fact, he was invited in to save Christians from Muslim terrorists and murders.) Bin Laden accusing a war starting because of Sharon's visit is only an excuse for extremist Islam to take over anything they want to.

Had the genuine goal of the Palestinians been peace, they would be living in peace and we would see it by their peaceful actions, instead of training nursery school children to be martyrs, to murder and hate (and celebrate both), and use sexuality and warped Islam to tempt boys into committing suicide. Saddam Hussein offering Palestinian families $25,000 for their kids to become suicide bombers while blowing up Jews is not a move towards peace and compassion, nor for a future. How worthy do you think these children can feel, knowing their families can profit from their deaths? That they have no future? Think they feel loved? Know what honor killings are? Force female genital mutilation, practiced in Muslim nations? Then decide if you think people who have these practices are capable of a normal life, of living in peace with anyone, of respecting life. See what these beasts, led by Arafat, do to those who survive their suicide murder missions. And where are the human rights commisions now? Where is the U.N. now? Where is the Red Cross now? I'll tell you where they are: Kissing ass to Arafat, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim and Arab nations who sponsor terrorism.

"For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan."

When Palestinian murderers kill innocent people (at parties or religious events, driving, shopping, whatever, wherever), they don't just permanently maim or kill the people in the immediate vicinity. They have ruined the lives of those in their families, those survivors. In many cases these families were survivors of the Holocaust, in which most of their families perished, so it is an immense tragedy. This is what the Palestinians are banking on - to inflict the most harm - and then accuse the Jews of acting like the Nazis - so inhumane they are.

The Muslim world may well have a long line of women ready to blow themselves up. It is very possible that these women are blackmailed. Whether true or not, men can say these women had sex with someone, won't marry who they're supposed to, did something they consider taboo, and then tell the women that they can blow themselves up and restore their family's honor by killing Jews. Then their families will be compensated, to boot. I wouldn't put it past them to pull such a heinous thing. They don't think a woman's life is worth much anyway, right?

REMEMBER: ISRAEL STATED THAT IT IS IN A WAR, A WAR FOR ITS SURVIVIAL. In war buildings are often damaged, and innocent people (even with the best intentions to avoid harming them) are killed. It is a WAR. The IDF are very angry with the press that is not telling the truth about this accusation of "mass" executions of Palestinians, this "massacre" trying to equate what they did to the Jews. It's NOT TRUE. There was a battle between militant terrorists and the IDF. About 65 people were killed, sadly including 5 civilians, many of the Palestinians did themselves in because their homes were rigged to explode, and that Palestinians would come to them with guns aimed at them while they held babies in their arms. In Jenin the Palestinians sent a 10-year old boy rigged with bombs to the IDF and blew them all up. The Palestinians know that Israeli soldiers won't intentionally harm a child. As always, the Palestinians use children as their personal, selfish shields. The international press isn't talking about this at all. All Israelis see are the huge anti-Semitic demonstrations with swaztikas in Europe. When Palestinians have created genocide no one complained, but when Israel defends itself and protects the world against terrorism the world calls it genocide. If I'm repeating myself - there's a good reason for it. Pay attention please.

Those supporting the PA cause claim that Arafat can't stop the homicide, but then they immediately contradict themselves by saying that the world must acknowledge Arafat as the one and only true leader of the Palestinian people because it's only he who can control whether or not the Arabs get involved in a war. Palestinians claim that it's their horrible conditions due to Israelis that causes such despair which results in bombings. That's just not true, and is a sorry excuse for not taking self-responsibility and not respecting anyone's life. The Palestinians have been in charge of themselves since their creation in 1967, and especially after 1994. Arafat's henchmen live VERY well, they have great mansions and plenty of food and classy cars. But Arafat makes sure to keep a segment of his population in poverty to suit his political and deadly goals.

It was, and is, quite alright for Israel to be continually attacked, but it's not ok for Israel to fight terrorism and suicide killers? For eighteen months no one put pressure on Arafat to stop the killing, because they were killing Jews. But heaven forbid these terrorists get back what they put out and the world, and biased U.N. cries "injustice!" If you think the Palestinians are honest or want peace, ask any of them if Israelis or Jews can have the right of return to where the Palestinians currently live. I'll tell you their answer: absolutely not. There is NO equality for Jews when it comes to Palestinians. But there is for Arabs in Israel.

Okay - what's the present situation in 2002? Hmmm....let's take a tally:


  • Years of brainwashing generations of Palestinian children to blow themselves up while murdering others and having the nerve to lie to them saying that this is holy and they will be rewarded for it; for teaching hatred and genocide against Jews, Israelis, Americans (and anyone who sympathizes with them or wants peace between Israel and the Palestinians). See Memri for some eye-opening reports on jihad.
  • Extremist Muslims are martyrs. As of October 29, 2002, Arafat continues to encourage martyrdom, and calls Israel "the enemy." How can there be peace if you see the other party supposedly involved in your peace process as "the enemy?"
  • Palestinians forcing their own segregation through violence.
  • Palestinians don't want a democracy, nor to co-exist with Israel.
  • The Arab world operates through fear and terror; and THEY are fearful of each other, therefore cowards. It takes courage to have freedom, democracy and peace.
  • Israel has been humane as possible, and only gets condemned by the U.N. while Arab nations are never penalized for their inhumane activities.
  • Continued Palestinian psychological, physical, mental, emotional and SPIRITUAL abuse to all ages of people.
  • Years of hearing Arafat's lies (and the lies of his spokespeople), broken promises and treaties.
  • Years of suicide killers and snipers who attack Israel every day.
  • Every suggestion for peaceful solutions from Israel has been destroyed by the Palestinians.
  • Arafat stealing and hoarding money meant to help his people, and keeping his people in poverty and misdirected anger for their conditions.
  • Attacks upon Americans and Europeans funded by Arafat, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. And these nations still use the Palestinians for blackmail power. They are responsible for terrorism.
  • Europe (especially France) is against Israel because their Israeli man (Beilin) catered to the European, and Arab, and Palestinian agenda. Israel became more powerful and they don't want that because they lose control over the region, not to mention oil.
  • What's left? Building a wall. You think Israel wants to do this? But Israel was left with no other choice - thanks to the Palestinians.
  • The Palestinians want a nation? Okay, Palestinians, have your nation (when you cease attacking Israelis) with a wall preventing your murderers from entering Israel. You were offered a state a long time ago, and you rejected it. But, with what you now have, given to you by Israel, be responsible for everything about it, and stop your incessant whining and victimhood and grow up. Israel wants nothing to do with you, because you are a people based upon terror and destruction. Reap what you've sown, and no more complaints. You'll be living in the hell you've created until someone has the courage to speak out and demand peace, freedom, decent living conditions, and an honest education.Crown Prince Abdullah insists that "...the first thing they say is that Islam and the Arabs are not interested in peace... Islam is peace, love, brotherhood, humanism and morals. We do not want to fight, and we are not bloodthirsty." He also talked about the right of return for Palestinians. Does that right of return for all Palestinians include the right to return to their rightful homeland of JORDAN, Prince? Does it also include the right for the Jews to return to all of the Arab lands who kicked them out?Palestinian Atrocities, Israeli Retaliations And the Laws of War, by Louis Beres. Every day Israel lives through a Sept. 11, thanks to those bred to become Muslim martyrs. Not only that, the Palestinian terrorists make sure that Jews who were the few who survived Hitler's concentration camps and exterminations lose their own children and nation. Maybe if the Palestinians lived with the terror and murder they perpetrate upon Israel on a daily basis, they'd finally change? Even though Bush vowed to fight terrorists, he still gives the multi-faced criminal Arafat credibility and legitimacy and asks that Israel not fight back. What nation in the world would tolerate continued murderous attacks against its people without fighting back? Will giving the Palestinians a state change their behavior? Does a leopard change its spots? Israel wants peace more than anything, but if Israel gives these Palestinians their own state, what is their guarantee that the Palestinians will stop killing Israelis? Will the Palestinians rent out apartments to Israelis in "Palestine?" Is this a real peace they're talking about? If they were serious about peace, why is it that on most "Palestinian" and Arab web sites, in text books, on maps, Israel doesn't even exist?

    AND WHO IS FINANCING THIS WAR AGAINST THE JEWS, ISRAEL, AND THE WESTERN DEMOCRACIES? Do you see who Arafat kisses? Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Libya, for starters. Instead of funding a proper education and peaceful co-existance, they have been promoting murder and war.

    Shall I mention what all Arab nations have done to their Jewish population (who greatly contributed to making their Arab nations great)? The Arabs and Muslims stole everything the Jews had, and then either kicked them out or murdered them. Statistics of Jews in Arab Countries: Shocking - These stats were taken from "Myths and Facts" - a great book by Mitchell B. Bard. You can go to the internet link for this book at: http://standwithus.com/links.asp

    First number is from the year 1948, the second number from 2000:
    Algeria 140,000, Less than 100
    Egypt 75,000, 200
    Iran 100,000, 12,000 to 40,000
    Iraq 150,000, 100
    Lebanon 20,000, 100
    Libya 38,000, 0
    Morocco 265,000, 5,800
    Syria 30,000, 200
    Tunisia 105,000, 1,500
    Yemen 55,000, 200
    See a pattern????
    Do you know about Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, a Jewish hospital, that even to this day treats both Jews and Arabs equally, but will you find one "Palestinian" hospital do the same? Do you know that every Jewish child learns about Arabs and Islam and has compassion for all people, but I can't say the same for Muslim and Arab schools. And we're supposed to trust these Arabs, give into their blackmail?

    A few other facts you probably don't know: "Mein Kampf" was recently as high as #6 on the Palestinian bestseller list. The Palestinian Authority refuses to include the fact of the Holocaust in its own history books. In their textbooks, they write that Israel never won all of the six wars it did in fact win. In Dec. 2001, Reuters ran a photograph that was hardly picked up elsewhere. It was a picture of Hezbollah youth brigades gathered in a square and all performing the Nazi salute. It's pretty clear to me how the Palestinians feel. For more information about various terrorist groups, where and how they operate, who started them, and what their goals are, visit the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Bin Laden and other Islamic extremists (not Israel, nor the U.S.) have been torturing and killing their own people (think about how the women are treated, for instance). Bin Laden changed his excuses for war against democracy and the West to suit his needs. Bin Laden claimed that the war began against Islam, when it has been extremist Islam (Wahhabis in particular) that attacks the world. They're everywhere creating violence to reach their goal, which is to have a fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship around the world. BUT, Bin Laden and Arafat, along with Saddam Hussein, Assad, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia (who plays both sides of the fence), no doubt Idi Amin and Kadaffi, and others, shared the same overall agenda - to force the rest of the world into fundamentalist Islam through terror and violence. They do anything to achieve it. Look at the tactics the terrorists used on 9/11. After flying one plane into the World Trade Center, they waited until they knew that emergency crews would be on the scene helping to put out the fire and rescue people and then they crashed another plane into the next tower in order to kill MORE people. These are their tactics and they will use them against anybody. Saddam and other Arabs are developing nuclear weapons, so the worldwide threat is rapidly growing.


    Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is a democracy, has equal rights for all of its citizens (including women, Jew and Arab, and homosexuals), and the only one that has a free press.

    What we have to do is work on new Palestinian leadership, someone who will speak for the people in a positive, healthy, respectful way. And if we can ever have a Palestinian leader who won't be killed for wanting peace with Israel, we might have a chance for a positive change. We can't negotiate with terrorists. Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi is a positive leader who hasn't had enough press in the West, but should be known. "Many of us are now ready to admit that hostility for Israel has been a great mistake, perhaps the worst mistake Muslims have made in the last 50 years... The times are ready for Jews and Muslims to recognize each other once again as a branch of the tree of monotheism, as brothers descended from the same father -- Abraham, the forerunner of faith in the Living God. The more we discover our common roots, the more we can hope for a common future of peace and prosperity." [Palazzi, 2001] I think Palazzi is pretty cool because he brings people together by bridging common beliefs. For more please visit the Italian Muslim Association.

    If you're really interested in the accurate history of Israel and the Middle East, a great source is "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters. I can also refer you to many articles that will give you accurate data. If you want to know what the Arabs and Palestinians really say behind the West's back, get a copy of the major Arabic newspapers and translate them - see for yourselves what their agenda is. Not every Arab is a Muslim, and not every Arab or Muslim is a terrorist. But, EVERY terrorist who attacked the WTC, Israel, and the U.S. was an Arab and extremist Muslim. Find out the truth BEFORE the terrorists return to your front door. Stop terrorism and the lies NOW. Stop Arab oil blackamail, and create alternative energy sources.

    "To stem fanaticism, we must first fight indifference to evil...We fight indifference through education; we diminish it through compassion." --- Elie Wiesel

    The bottom line, and easy solution to achieving peace, means being responsible, being peaceful, compassionate, educating against hatred, being honest, and showing all of these through your actions. The Palestinians have so far not demonstrated any of these. If the Arab and Muslim world do not seriously take responsibility for stopping terrorism, and solve the Palestinian problem which they and a few U.S. presidents and the Israeli Left had a large hand in creating (and offer to take back the so-called Palestinians to the Arab countries that previously kicked them out), there can be no peace.

    There must be unity within the Arab and Muslim world against suicide bombers and terrorism, or else this war will not end. It seems to work pretty well in Jordan that if someone blows themselves up while committing murder, their entire family will be executed. But, with a Lebanese cleric April 1, 2002 condoning female suicide bombers, saying that this is a "new and glorious history for Arab and Muslim women," we are shown that terrorists have no interest in peace or life. One of the women (a mother) terrorists who attempted to be a suicide bomber but was caught by The IDF was interviewed. She said that she feels being a suicide bomber and murdering Jews is a holy mission. When asked how she would feel if her daughter grew up to be a suicide bomber/terrorist and she said that it would be up to God, but it would be fine with her.

    Recognition of Israel is a must since it does exist. This is not even negotiable. The Arabs can't have their cake and eat it, too. They can't demand the rest of the world live as they do. They must develop a more evolved consciousness, get real, and start GIVING something if they really want peace WITH the rest of the non-Arab, non-Muslim world. They have to WALK THEIR TALK. They want peace? Here's what I say to them: STOP KILLING ISRAELIS, STOP PROMOTING BLACKMAIL, HATRED AND MURDER OF ALL PEOPLE. STOP THE BULLSHIT ABOUT ANY MUSLIM OR ARAB VIOLENCE BEING ABOUT ISRAEL AND PALESTINIANS. TAKE YOUR PERSONAL POWER AND START PROMOTING LIFE, LOVE, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, AND LIVING IN AUTHENTIC PEACE. But you can't have peace without FREEDOM. And ASIDE FROM ISRAEL, THERE IS NOT ONE FREE AND DEMOCRATIC NATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST. I guess Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East love tyranny and oppression? But don't make a grave mistake - this is not a one-way deal where Israel has to be sacrificed - because that WILL NOT happen. In its history Israel defeated those who attacked: the Aramim, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Turkish, Germans, British, Jordanians, Egyptians, Canaanim, Amelekim, Aparism, Philistines, Iraqis, and the Lebanese. May I tweak your memories? 6 Day Way; Yom Kippur War; you'll lose again. If it takes another war in which Israel will win to prove it to the Arabs, well, they just might push it to that extreme, if they keep on the same path. And then what? Isn't it time to end this battle, once and for all? I still HOPE and pray there will be peace in the region.

    In June 9, 2004: ICEJ News reports: IRAN RECRUITS 10,000 FOR JIHAD AGAINST US, ISRAEL

    Dissident leader: When in trouble, Mullahs play martyrs card - Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards have registered at least 10,000 young volunteers for "martyrdom operations," against US forces in Iraq and Israel, according to the London-based Arabic daily al-Sharq al-Awsat, following calls from Muslim leaders for men and woman to join the Global Islamic Campaign. I don't think it's hard to see who's causing the wars and what's behind them.

    I know my writing sounds angry. That is because I have felt so sad and frustrated with all the dying, lies, and corruption; watching people who have forgotten they are part of God, forgotten that God is love and light - within them. You know it really comes down to this: There will be peace only when people can accept they are divine, and look at everyone else and see God/love, the greatest power, in them and act accordingly. We're all in this together. Why destroy when we can help everyone to lighten up?



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