The Oldest Midrash Has Growing Interested in Israeli Orthodox Jewish Community (Update)

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Videos, as promised. Orthodox Rabbi is excited about something in the New Testament that connects it to the Old Testament! This is the first two videos of a series of planned videos by an Orthodox Rabbi (who is also a member of the Israeli Kinneset).

This month, the month of Tishri, will be the month when we tell a new story at Root Source (click here for the website). We are going to do our best to bring in a harvest for you — a crop of knowledge. An extremely important crop. We are going to present a discovery that connects the New Testament to the Old Testament in a way you have likely never considered before. It’s going to take some getting used to, to get your mind around this idea.

To watch, click on the video below. (15:26)


You can also get the first book of the series to be published right here, on Amazon.

The Oldest Midrash. The Identity of the Messiah. Hebrews Midrash of Genesis by [Pitcher, John David]


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