Why are Orthodox Jews EXCITED about a New Testament Discovery?

Have you heard about The Oldest known example of a written Midrash? You may not think that sounds important, but it is. It is the Oldest known Interpretation in writing of the first 6 books of the Bible ever discovered.

Here is the entire 5-part video, 1:51:33 long from Root-Source, an Orthodox Jewish organization based in Israel.

It is posted with permission from the co-founders. Bob O'Dell and Dennis Northington interview in a documentary what John David Pitcher Jr, the discoverer, was honored to be a part of.

Maybe this might be of interest to those tagged here? When was the last time you remember Orthodox Jewish people getting excited about something in the New Testament? So excited that they produced a documentary about it?

Sit down on the couch, get a nice cold glass of iced tea or soda with family or friends this evening and share as the Holy Spirit directs you.

Don't forget to visit the Root-Source website (root-source.com) for the free offers and their newsletter!

For the Complete Documentray Click Here: https://vimeo.com/289141375


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