JESUS’ Words are the Quanta that holds you together

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Hey Bible lovers who Are also science Geeks?

JESUS' Words are the Quanta that holds you together when everything is falling apart around you.

You are the digital projection of His reality.

He sees you as you exist when translated into his real digital world.

Hebrews 1:3 is the first century Greek way of describing how the basecode of the universe works.

He is also the basecode of the Bible, because he is the Word of his father's power and his father's glory.

His primary assignment from his daddy?

Speaking and doing what he daddy wanted.

That is why He/The Word, the Bridegroom, is the focus of the Bible from Genesis 1- Revelation 22.

It was all created by him, through him, and for him. This is why all but three names of God describe his character. So we can understand who he is, and relate to him.

Celia Roberts wanted to Add:

"Not to steal your thunder, Tov (like I could 😂🤣), but I think I told you years ago that the Holy Spirit told me this during one of your own messages years ago:
Psalm 100:4 contains the username and password to access God’s operating system: Thanksgiving is the username, Praise is the password (NOT case-sensitive).
Very clear 😃"


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