Do those Celebrating Christmas worship demons?

I am going to say this more strongly and briefly than every before:

It takes courage to stand against the "it's pagan" accusation at celebrating Christmas and Easter.

Be strong! Celebrate with Joy!

Only the intentionally ignorant choose to ignore varifiable history that contradicts their position. This is a sickness in our culture in every area and at every level.

Before arguing about it, go read my exposes {yes, more than one} on my website. TovRose.com

And NO,

I will not post links. Why?

Because it is your responsibility to dig and and research it for yourself, and not be hand fed like you've never practiced critical thinking.

(If any of that offends, feel free to unfriend, because I have an overwhelming backlog of critical thinkers begging for a place in my news feed. I won't argue with you).

Critical thinking and research exhortation are the very purpose for nearly all my writing and also facebook posting.

Read the articles before arguing. 2 Timothy 2:14

Written by Tov Rose


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