Balancing Truth with what you THINK is true

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Hyper-literal interpretations of the Bible that take individual verses out of context, then linking them together with other out of context verses, and ignoring nearly identical language applied to other issues?

This leads to great deception!

For Example:
If claiming that the Bible is clear, all jokes aside, and "the Earth is immovable" Psalm 104:5, and thus the heavens revolve around earth, then you MUST apply the same logic to Psalm 112:5-6
"It is well with the man who is generous and lends freely, whose affairs are guided by justice. Surely he shall be IMMOVABLE for ever."

With that reasoning the most perfect person, Jesus, must right now be standing feet attached to the planet in Jerusalem (with earth spinning around him like a carnival ride? Oh, wait. Nix that spinning thing), rather than having ascended into heaven. Not to mention all righteous individuals who also achieved such excellence throughout the ages. They obviously must be likewise implanted In soil, especially mountain-tops where holy men of old were known to pray (I want tovisit Job, 'cause I got questions--see what I did there?)! The women at least who didn't pray on mountains must at least be visible all around us without decay!

This line of reasoning absolutely must lead to something very easy to see, proving unequivocally that since I have personally excelled at achieving the goal of Psalm 112:5-6:


Look at that! The Bible does teach selfishness is a virtue after all!

Back to the subject without interjections:

ALL such arguments based on Bible verses must be literally interpreted along with their alternate linguistic pairs and companions, else the arguments are in error.

Bad Hermeneutics do take a toll.

Most of the people who Believe and Teach such doctrines seeking to convince others?

1. They never studied Hermeneutics
2. They have little or no understanding from an indiginous Hebrew worldview
3. Hebrew Midrash is completely lost and unknown in their world
4. It is obvious they have little to no indiginous concept of Biblical Hebrew PUNS (aka. jokes, sarcasm, irony, contrast, poetic forms and formulas, comparison often using exaggeration, etc.)
5. The Hebrew Bible is designed intentionally as a Theological worldview handbook forcussed on preparing a specific people for the arrival of the Promised King Messiah. It's books Theologically ordered to spotlight the keywords, persons, themes reinforcing: Salvation. It is not primarily a "science" textbook, though scientific facts can be found and confirmed on its pages.
6. The Bible is a BOOK of Literature
7. A "Forest View" of worldwide ancient archaeological sites including megoliths, standing stones, pyramids and their positioning easily prove earth-at-the-cosmos-center views unfactual, by demonstrating a highly advanced understanding complex mathematics, including physical and varifiable understanding global positionings in relation to other such human-made features spending out from a central Mediterranean based location.
8. Along with ancient written historical records from ancient seafaring cultures are never considered in their arguments (Chinese, Indian Subcontinent Empires, maps of ancient "sea kings" anyone?)...so...Astronomy isn't the only science that can use used to disprove and earth-centric position?

9. Looking at you Flat Earthers...


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