What is Truth today?

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What is Truth?
(aka. The solution to your prayers for our culture)

There is a cloud of confusion settled over the Nations.

Along with it is distraction, misdirection and it gives permission and approval for those who Delight in works of darkness to celebrate their evil acts in the streets and shout them from the rooftops and megaphones of the earth. Those who claim now that their sin is an affront to God actually know who God is and the judgement coming to those who do such things. Romans chapter 1:18 - the End of the chapter tells you all about their hearts, minds and rebellion. They call Truth a lie. They call their lies "truth" while knowing it is not.

If you feel the need to pray for them? Start at the end of the chapter and intercede for them according to Paul's progressing description of them, pray for their repentance and those they deceived, but do it in reverse order. Pray the chapter backwards.

There are three main general groups of Christians today:

1) Those drawn away by either approving those who chose wickedness. This group includes all who remain silent, because silence in the face of evil encourages those doing evil by giving them implied approval. They act on it. Always.

2) Those stunned, shocked and overwhelmed who don't know what to do, often looking to human leaders to stand up and be their voice against the overwhelming tide spewing forth over them and theirs. These should seek out Godly leaders who teach them to prepare for worse and overcome no matter the pressure so they will not buckle under the assault.

3) These are those who have been prepared by God, the ones whoay have spent decades in prayer, fasting, dreaming, seeking the person of Jesus, and knowing the intimacy of relationship with both our Abba in Heaven and his Son, Yeshua (Jesus), and the Comfort of Abba's Spirit. These have spent much time asking God what He feels, how He sees, thinks, speak. These long to experience the depth of love between Father and Son, and to experience together with other believers on earth. They want to live as Jesus prayed for them to live after His final dinner, before His arrest.

The cloud of deception that has now descended is not God's now our reality.

There are many whom God has prepared over the course of generations of their families, for decades and even centuries.

Things will get worse.

However, God has already prepared alternative governmental structures, leaders and ministers and been strategically connecting them for longer than you know. Many grew in silence and secret not knowing of others. Isn't that like God?

The American Dream/American Gospel is NOT the way the Kingdom of God works. Neither is a "church" sequestered behind their four walls of individual congregational buildings.

Revelation 12:11 tells us how to overcome such waves of deception.

God doesn't play by human rules.

Here is what to do:
1) Stop complaining and commiserating, both alone with each other, while the prayer rooms are empty. It is a sign that Jesus is not at your center. Turn your complaints into prayers.

2) Stop drinking from the fountain of News, social media.

3) Connect OFFLINE with others longing for and chasing after deep loving relationship with God, others and themselves (live the two greatest commandments)

4) Pray for those building the underground networks worldwide, and join them when you find them. You may be them, so seek others to pray and properly prepare together by being fervent in prayer together. Cross the denominational and theological doctrinal lines to be unified in fulfillment of Jesus' prayer for you!

According to the Biblical pattern laid out clearly in places like Exodus and Revelation, and 148 other sections of Scripture: the first wave of Pestilence is upon us. Along with it's deception.

What comes next?

What is the pattern Babylon culture follows?

Knowing these will help you pray and prepare.


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