American History: Many Bullets. Still Alive – George Washington

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Anyone who actually reads the USA's founders documents, papers and journals understand that they fully rejected the position that Christians should not be involved in politics, after briefly debating it.

They determined and wrote into the Amendments, that Government must never get into the church.

Their writings specify the need for Christians to directly engage and be elected to government in order to secure and defend against many abuses, and for the sake of their children.

Where did they get these ideas?

  1. The history of Europe
  2. The model of the Iroquois Confederation (the model constitution they implemented)
  3. The Dakota Nation Constitution (which the Iroquois Confederation copied)
  4. The Bible, which provides the template to numbers 2-3 (but you won't see that in your agenda driven history books).

There were even supernatural signs and wonders confirming God's plan for the founding of the United States Republic.

History books today have removed the validated teatimonies of George Washington's inability to be shot in battle--every battle he led, all his life--despite his intentionally parading himself ahead of his troops. The written testimonials of his enemies confirming 7-25 direct aims that never reached him.

The letters he wrote to his brother retelling God's hand of protection and h9w he had come to enjoy the sound of bullets passing by him.

There were many supernatural and prophetic events and words given in the decades leading up to the ratification of the US Constitution.

How many do you know about?


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