Joining the Trail of Joy 2-year Outreach?


For real:
My family was asked to provide 24/7 worship and prayer support for a nationwide  outreach expected to last 2 years.

We would organize on-site 24/7 worship and intercession during –and in advance– of each planned outreach event retracing the Oregon Trail and the Trail of Tears, from Oregon to Miami.

Multiple ministries involved (a least a dozen, maybe several dozen).

The kickoff stadium event begins in Oregon,  on March 13.

If we said, “Yes”?

1) How many of my friends do you think would be interested in joining us?

…and how many of their friends and congregations?

2) How many people do you think would be interested in supporting us?

Online giving:

Rose Family – TR800968

3) Who wants to hear more?