The Confusion of Languages

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The Confusion of Languages

What happened in Gen. 11, I would not consider it a curse alone, but with God it is also love and mercy; and part of a much larger Divine plan for the redemption of humanity.

Each tribe and language group carries some unique quality and gift that the others need. Those can only be fully realized by their becoming one family through Messiah.

The instructions for beginning the redemption plan are given by Messiah in the "Great Commission" passage, "make disciples of all Ethnos," which is NOT focused on the redemption of individuals, but unique people groups.

He divided the earth according to the number of the sons and daughters of the household of Jacob.

Meaning, a single language tribe dispersed from Babble was given authority or a land grant over a specific geographic territory somewhere on earth. We can easily see which ones for many of them by looking at historical accounts from those territories. This also implies there is something unique about each territory itself that it requires a specific group of people to be partnered with it for Kingdom purposes. This last part is something greatly overlooked in the Theological teachings of most Western influenced Churches.


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