Where in the Bible does Jesus command “Church Planting”

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Discernment question and discussion #490:

Where in the Bible does Jesus command "Church Planting"

How many of us really do take the Bible seriously?

We claim to.

We apply "principles" found in scripture to justify what we say or what we do.

But do we actually do what Jesus actually did?

Do we replicate what he actually demonstrates?

Here is a challenge for you:

Go find Jesus' command in the Bible to plant churches!

I will wait....

And wait....

And wait....

It isn't there. It doesn't exist. He never taught it.

Jesus' most excited, dependable, evangelistic, grateful, supportive and generous followers were young women.

Young excited women led the way!

None of whom actually could be considered actual believers in Jesus Before his resurrection.

They were excited unregenerated unbelievers whom Jesus discipled as If they were believers. Little by little they grew in belief and trust in who he was, because of how they personally experienced him.

They only truly became memebrs of the Body of Christ, after he rose to heaven and gave his Spirit to them.

ThIs scripture model is very clear, but barely acknowledged.

1. Disciple an unbelieving adulteress, fornicator, prostitute.

2. As she learns and experiences truth in relationship with you and Jesus, she excitedly tells others and brings them along. In her excitement, as an unbeliever she is Jesus' evangelist.

3. Where two or more are gathered, there Jesus is in the midst of them. All you have to do is teach them how to hear Jesus speaking to them, while teaching the Bible in a way they are able to receive and understand.

4. Encourage them to keep excitedly sharing what they are learning with others like themselves.

5. The Spirit himself will guide them, all you need do is encourage and give guidance on understanding the word of God, hearing the voice of Jesus and his Daddy, and continue encouraging them to excitedly tell others.

6. Ask periodically along the way, if they are ready to fully give their lives for Jesus. When they are, baptize them immediately. Baptismal and Membership classes are not taught by Jesus.

7. Encourage them to keep doing as you've demonsted, and what they have already been doing.

This is the way it started. This is they way it works in the Middle East and China and every other place there is an underground church movement.

It was the women church leaders who truly led the way. It is the women church leaders who ARE leading the way.

It was the wealthy female believers who were the primary financers of the ministries of Jesus and Paul.

Jesus did not teach church planting methods. He commanded and demonstrated how we are to disciple NATIONS of unbelievers. Leading to them becoming believers while they replicate themselves at each step along the way, saying, "Come and see!"

This is the way

The "church planting" part only happened...when?

By whom?



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