God is a Good name?

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Pastor: "God is good!"

Congregation: "All the time!"

Pastor: "And all the time....!"

Congregation: "God is good!"

Did anyone get tired of this call and response? I sure did. Why did you get tired of it?

Here's my reason:
You know how to say, "God is good" in Hebrew?


It's my name.

People calling out your name in translation ALL the time! In Every church you're in! For a decade!

Me then: "God, I know you call me by name, but this is rediculous.

I know you're trying to get my attention, but-- please!

Save me from your people!

Can you make your people say something other than my name for a while?"


Me now:
"Thank God that's over!The next time, would you please, at least have people stop yelling it? May I humbly request it be sung? Like your people do with your Son's name?

Hearing the name Jesus over and over again for 30 years and multiple languages? A lot easier on the ears when your name is sung.

Jesus, you make me jealous!"


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