I am so tired of any and all Anti- Christian holiday arguments.

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It is time for my official day after Halloween post.

This is my annual challenge to the "Christmas is a pagan holiday" crowd.

Here it goes:

I am done.

I am so tired of any and all Anti- Christian holiday arguments.

They all miss the point.

All of them no matter how right their facts, are absolutely wrong for other more important reasons. Primarily the "spirit" or heart in which your truth is presented. Where is kindness, compassion, gentleness, the fruit of love?

Here is another one of those reasons:
Most of the "facts" are conclusions and opinions drawn from similar pagan holidays, traditions, etc. are All False Equivalents. Just like with Halloween, where HONEST scholars admit the connection to Samhain is THEORY, not fact, the same goes for supposed pagan holidays in the general calendar proximity to Christmas (and Easter).

Here is a real fact that is never addressed by the majority of the Anti- crowd:

There is 1 and only 1 reason Christmas (and Easter) celebrations started as a practice for believers in Jesus.

1 reason.

No other.


Are you paying attention yet????



In the middle of a Roman Empire period dominated by a horrible pagan emperor, there were 2-days in the year when the pagans were so completely drunk, partying and distracted that they paid zero attention to persecuting Christians.

Guess what days those were?

Christmas and Easter were the, "Thank God our Underground Churches can get together in public and the bad guys won't kill us days."

Argument over.

Discussion finished.

(Guess what? I even have two articles about this on my website.

And here is another ignored fact: those pagan celebrations were Winter Solstice celebrations using a DIFFERENT CALENDAR THAN WE USE TODAY. Those other cebrations are still observed by some, on their same solstice day. The solstice doesn't happen on December 25th!)


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