Name: Tov Rose (pronounced like "stove", drop the "s")

Tov and his parents came to faith in 1973 through the witness of several Christian families, making Tov a second-generation Jewish believer in Jesus.

He’s authored hundreds of articles and over twenty books, including The New Messianic Version Bible (available through the YouVersion Bible App, Bible.com, TovRose.com and Amazon). A few others include: The Baptism of Jesus from a Jewish Perspective, Jesus in the Old Testament; Jesus in the Targums; Jesus in the Jewish Wedding; Jesus in the Passover; The Book of GOD: For Men; and more found on this website and available through most booksellers.

His professional experience includes working in the secular and non-profit worlds as a Small Business Owner, Pastor, Entrepreneur & Leadership Consultant, Career Counselor, Keynote Speaker, Television Producer, Classical Vocalist, Christian Radio Host, Bible teacher, Corporate Chaplain, management in various fields, and a Writer. He and his wife, Michelle, are currently on staff with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and he serves as President of Call to Return Ministries, a 80+ year old non-profit focused Non-Profit Incubation, building relationships between indigenous peoples and Jewish people in a way that honors the Messiah of Israel, Jesus, and advances the Kingdom of God.

Tov holds a combined BA in Public & Media Relations (it’s like a double major, but without the extra cost); a Mini-MS in Marketing Management, is working on a MS in New Testament Research, and is currently a Research Fellow with the Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament, based in Jerusalem and New Mexico.

Future plans include completing a PhD in New Testament Midrashic Hermeneutics, a revolutionary new field in New Testament research that considers the significant 1st Century Jewish commentary techniques used by the authors, especially the Apostle Paul. Tov has training in Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Counseling, the Spiritual Roots of Disease, Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation, Business & Non-Profit Crisis Management, and has completed MA equivalent studies in Ethnic & Multicultural Ministry and Missions, Biblical Languages and Hebrew Research.

His hobbies include anything Science Fiction, singing, cooking, archaeology, anthropology, and physics.

Tov is currently involved with several initiatives and projects, including consulting, training, advising, cutting-edge Bible research, helping tribal peoples fulfill their Romans 11:11 end times callings by gathering resources, building industry, and forming ministry partnerships to birth “Targum-Inspired” Old Testament translations focused on storytelling. He is the acting director of Midwest Hebrew Ministries, the founder of the NMV Bible Project & Foundation, and the president of Call to Return Ministries.