Which Form of Judaism is More Authentic and Honest? Messianic or Rabbinic?

Modern Rabbinic, also known as Pharisaic Judaism, was born at the Counsel of Yavne (Jamnia), between the years 70-90AD. This is when the current Hebrew Text which became known as the Proto-Masoretic Text was chosen as the universal Bible for all Jewish people, by the Rabbis at Yavne. Christianity and the most significant parts of […]

“All Scripture is Inspired by God,” The Oldest Midrash, By Dr. John David Pitcher Jr

In June of 2017 my wife and I attended a cross-cultural training course for four weeks in a small town in North Carolina. The training was logically well thought out in a linear fashion, teaching us how to build cross-cultural bridges so that we could build relationships with those of another culture so that we […]