This Week’s “To The Jew First Radio Program” on AM980 KKMS

This week’s “To the Jew First Radio Program” on KKMS 980AM in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Saturday, January 11,2014 10:00AM: Host Tov Rose will be discussing Israeli News and commentary, along with featured music from Lev Shelo with Corry Bell, and an interview with the Director of Rose of Sharon Ministries of Minnesota, Mike Rose. Listen Live […]

10 Major Areas of Cultural Decline in Our Day

10 Major Areas of Cultural Decline in Our Day 1. Divorce. The statistics of divorce have increased from 4 percent to 51 percent since my childhood, with 46,523 happening each week. 2. Cohabitation. An incredible 65 percent of altar-bou…nd singles live together before getting married—a euphemism for a lifestyle of brazen fornication. 3. Abortion. In […]

The Three Messianic Miracles of Jesus

Some time prior to the coming of Yeshua, the ancient rabbis separated miracles into two categories. First were those miracles anyone would be able to perform if they were empowered by the Spirit of God to do so. The second category of miracles were called “messianic miracles,” which were miracles only the Messiah would be […]