If Jesus is the Messiah, How Come No Rabbi Believes in Him?

 The truth is that this statement is completely wrong. There have been many great rabbis among the Jews who came to faith in Jesus. But you have probably never heard of them, since the Jewish community casts them out and slanders them as soon as it comes to light that they believe in Jesus. As […]

Jesus vs. Yeshua?

Jesus vs. Yeshua? on 01 June 2015. “And you shall call his name…” announced the angel Gabriel, “Jesus”. No he didn’t. He said “Yeshua”. But then again, Gabriel wasn’t really called Gabriel either – in Hebrew it sounds different: “Gav-ree-el”. Mighty one of the Lord. But at least Gabriel sounds a BIT like Gav-ree-el. It’s […]

The Three Messianic Miracles of Jesus

Some time prior to the coming of Yeshua, the ancient rabbis separated miracles into two categories. First were those miracles anyone would be able to perform if they were empowered by the Spirit of God to do so. The second category of miracles were called “messianic miracles,” which were miracles only the Messiah would be […]