Is it not Written in the Book of Jasher?

Is it not written in the book of jasher, front cover onlyThe Sefer haYashar (first edition 1552) is a Hebrew midrash also known as the Toledot Adam and Dibre ha-Yamim be-‘Aruk. The Hebrew title may be translated Sefer haYashar – “Book of the Upright” – but it is known in English translation mostly as The Book of Jasher following English tradition. The book is named after the Book of Jasher mentioned in Joshua and 2 Samuel. Although it is presented as the original “Book of Jasher” in the translations such as that of Moses Samuel (1840), it is not accepted as such in rabbinical Judaism, nor does the original Hebrew text make such a claim. It should not be confused with the very different Book of Jasher (Pseudo-Jasher) printed by Jacob Ilive in 1751, which claimed to have been translated by the English monk Alcuin.

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