Call to Return Ministries1 & the NMV Bible Project is all about magnifying Jesus the Messiah! When you partner with us, you strengthen the night-and-day prayer movement; you propel the Gospel going forth to every nation, tribe, and tongue; and you raise up wholehearted lovers of Jesus to proclaim Him and prepare the earth for His return.

Your gift today will help advance 24/7 prayer and missions, Bible translation, community restoration projects and creative outreaches — Great Commission — until the Lord returns! Thank you!

100% of your donation will be used to support the mission of Call to Return Ministries & The NMV Bible Project. All contributions to are tax-deductible to the extent allowable under applicable law.


God has called us peacemakers and for reconciliation among the nations! 

“Tov has captured and addressed two major issues facing our culture and the Christian church today; an inadequate and incorrect understanding of our Heavenly Father and the intimate relationship He desires with us, and the inaccurate perception that many men and women have about God’s created purposes for men. A true and biblical understanding of both issues, as presented by Tov, will result in a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with our Heavenly Abba (Daddy) and with one another in our earthly relationships.”

William Helland Pastor & Author of Pause Before the Pulpit

After moving to Kansas City in October 2020, God made it clear that we needed make our missions base in Kansas City, partnering with several organizations, including the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC).

Since arriving here, we have seen more answered prayer and reconnections than at any other time in the last thirty years ministry. Amazing opportunities have presented themselves.

These are some of what we’re doing to reach the lost, and to help and equip persecuted Christians in partnership with many ministries and industry leaders.

  • We’re working with persecuted/underground churches and bridging believers: Native American, Jewish, and ex-Muslim—to reach each other’s peoples for Jesus & building partnerships within the Body of Messiah between former adversaries (like Palestinian and Israeli Jewish believers)
  • Building partnerships and advising across industries and ministries, raising funds for full Bible Translations in Native American languages (570+ Tribes, NO Old Testament translations exist, and only 7-New Testaments)
  • Tov is a Research Fellow with an Israel-based Bible Institute funded by Orthodox Jews. He’s helping prepare the way for the Gospel in ways not possible a year ago—alongside unbelieving Jewish people who are excited for the first time about the unique Jewishness of the Apostle Paul’s writings that have never been documented by New Testament scholars!

The NMV Project is a worldwide movement cannot be contained. The NMV Bible Project exists to ensure that the hearts of men, women and children engage the heart of God like no other. From persecuted among the underground church being heard over the chaos of spiritual and political warfare, to Partners like you who have been an essential part in the exponential growth we are seeing. The NMV Bible Project & Call to Return Ministry’s mission is to see the believers strengthened in their relationships with loving God, self and others, and to multiply in the poorest and most difficult places, like the Middle East, South America, Africa, Asia and Native America (who have been among the most persecuted and decimated cultures on earth). We are fueled by the voices of our partners. Together, we can spread the message of the gospel and report the revival happening in the darkest places on Earth.


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In order to accomplish our mission, we need financial partners to invest monthly to cover the cost of travel and expenses. We need a minimum of $10,000 per month for at least the next 24-months.  

We are also looking for partners who would be willing to lift our team up daily. Here are some specific areas to pray:

  • Travel safety, both in the air and on the ground
  • Favor with the communities we’re serving
  • Wisdom and understanding as we meet physical needs
  • Opportunities to share our Jewish Messiah in a way that is always culturally honoring

If you would like to become a financial partner, please fill in the form, or follow the instructions below.


Tov Rose, Director
Call to Return Ministries1

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[1] Tov is the Director of Call to Return Ministries (C2RM), a DBA of Midwest Hebrew Ministries, established in 1939. MHM/C2RM is an Unconditionally Exempt Foundation under IRS Code 170(b)(1)(A)(i), The Foundation exists to provoke the Church to engage its Jewish foundations, praying for Jewish people, to build meaningful relationships with the Jewish Community, and provoking Israel by our love for their own Messiah (Romans 11:14). C2RM is a charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. EIN: 41-0718377