After moving to Kansas City in October 2020, our plan was to work full-time in secular marketplace jobs. However, God had other plans! He made it clear that our family of four needed to join the summer International House Of Prayer (IHOPKC) Internship program. In those three months, we were challenged, inspired and delighted to grow deeper in our love for Yeshua (Jesus), to be more passionate for prayer, spending the rest of our lives sharing the Good News of Messiah and preparing for His return! After months of prayer and fasting, God’s strong call to return to full-time ministry was confirmed and we were asked to join their Israel Mandate (Jewish Missions Department). Michelle and I met in New York City 25 years ago reaching Jewish people with the Gospel and we are so thrilled to return to occupational missionary work!

We love the IHOPKC community and the way they combine 24/7 prayer, worship and evangelism to raise up youth to proclaim the Good News and the beauty of Yeshua. We’re especially excited that they share our passion for the salvation of Jewish people and the priority of Israel today, and in the End Times. It is rare, refreshing and encouraging for us to find a like-minded ministry family who loves our Jewish people so deeply.

Partnering with IHOPKC’s Israel Mandate will help fulfill our callings in several ways. It focuses on reaching Jewish people with the Gospel, instructing the Body of Messiah about God’s heart for Israel, and partnering with Jewish followers of Yeshua to fulfill their call, especially in Israel. Since March, we have volunteered with Israel Mandate in praying with, advising and joining local Kansas City outreaches to Jewish people. I am already pursuing my call to bring together Jewish and Arab believers to reach their peoples, and helping Native Americans light the way of reconciliation for them! The Israel Mandate leadership has plans to fulfill another part of my calling: instilling these values in future students as an educator through International House of Prayer University (IHOPU). Partnering with other ministries is important to IHOPKC. My formal relationship with Chosen People Ministries has ended, but both organizations are partnering for upcoming outreaches.

In order for us to fully invest our time and energy in this ministry, we need to partner with a team of friends who will stand with us in prayer and financial partnership. As we sow ourselves into reaching the Jewish people with the love of Yeshua, would you sow into us so that we might reap a harvest together? We invite you to ask the Lord what part He may have you play in this exciting and strategic ministry.

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