Salt Lake City goes wallet-free with Isis

Salt Lake City goes wallet-free with Isis  Article: Technology For Global Monetary System  Operator consortium Isis has selected Salt Lake City as its flagship deployment to show the rest of the USA what NFC can do for them.The plan will see Salt Lake City’s public transport system accepting pay-by-wave from a mobile phone by the middle of next […]

Did Dinosaurs Interact with Man Under Blue South American Skies? If You Believe the Darwinist Timescale Applies; Viewer Discretion is Advised!

Apr252011 By Chris Parker, Copyright 2011Slide/Movie Transcript: This article is the Transcript to the 15 minute video below. If you want to see all four of the “dinosaurs” we discuss (Ancient Central American), plus the comparisons with modern depictions, then you need to either view the video or the Slide PresentationRomans 1 18 The wrath […]

Amazing cases of living frogs, toads and lizards found encased within solid rock

ONE OF THE greatest Warner Bros. cartoons of all time is the one about the singing frog. A construction worker demolishing an old building finds a time capsule in the cornerstone. When he opens it, out leaps a grinning green frog, which commences to dance and sing old show tunes: “Hello, my baby… hello, my […]

When Muslims Burn Their Korans….

Koran Burned in Iran (video) James S. Robbins Published on April 11, 2011 Two anonymous young men in Iran, one Iranian and one Afghan, have burned a Koran in protest. This seven-and-a-half minute long video shows the two men, their faces obscured, holding the Muslim holy book and reading prepared statements. They say that Arabs […]

Chicago school usurps parental authority – Will Anyone Ever Stand Up for America?

Chicago school usurps parental authority Bill Bumpas – OneNewsNow – 4/13/2011 9:20:00 AM In an extreme example of the “nanny state” mentality, a public school in Chicago is forbidding students to bring lunches from home and is ordering them to only eat food from the school cafeteria. The principal at Little Village Academy (K-8) on […]

Growing Intolerance for Christianity in U.S.

Growing Intolerance for Christianity in U.S.  Article: Perilous Times “In a world of political correctness devoid of the rule of law, tolerance has come to mean total rejection of Christianity and moral standards. Modern tolerance redefines words like ‘marriage,’ ‘discrimination,’ ‘equality,’ ‘morality,’ and even ‘absolutes.’ The word ‘tolerance’ as it is used today never includes […]


120+ ROCKETS HIT SOUTHERN ISRAEL OVER WEEKENDjoelcrosenberg | April 11, 2011 at 5:38 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: Israeli soldiers stand next to a launcher, part of the first “Iron Dome” missile defence system deployed in Israel, near the southern city of Beersheva, in March 2011. Israel is planning to deploy four more […]

The Amazing Trends in the News!

Mattel’s Waxing and Shaving Monster High Doll Sparks Outrage – The Rapture – (DVD) 115-Year-Old Medical X-Ray Machine Comes Back to Life | Wired Science | Older elephants make better leaders – Telegraph Spider venom can cause four-hour erections ‘the new Viagra’ | Mail Online Zoo animals banned from having sex | Orange […]