Reality Check: The Truth About THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN and Her Son?

ARCHAEOLOGY NEWSFLASH 274 This news is from Jonathan Gray –  “Did it work? Are you pregnant?” “You bet I am!” “Do you think they’ll buy your story?” “Of course they will! The public are ready. They’re waiting for the event. It will be a push-over.” The widowed queen tossed the silk wrapper over her […]

Amazing Discoveries in Mexico, Did Solomon’s Navy Make It This Far?

Were Hebrews in the Americas long before Columbus? More evidence comes from the investigations of Dr. Alexander von Wuthenau, whom I interviewed at his home in Mexico City. His living room was filled to overflowing with terra cotta pottery figures and objects d’ art. In his book The Art of Terra Cotta Pottery in Pre-Columbian […]

The Navy of King Solomon Traveled the World? Navy of King Solomon Cyrus Gordon believes the king mentioned in the script can be identified as Hiram III who reigned 553-533 B.C. The inscription seems to verify an unusual statement found in the Old Testament. An ancient Biblical chronicler wrote: “And king Solomon made a navy of ships in Ezion-geber, which is beside […]

Perplexing Mysteries: Proof that Jews were in America in ancient times?

Perplexing Mysteries More and more, scholars are coming to admit that peoples from the Middle East reached the New World long before Columbus or the Vikings. One stone, found at Fort Benning, Georgia, has unusual markings all over it. I saw the stone myself, and took photographs of it. Professor Stanislav Segert, professor of Semitic […]

Jewish festivals, Circumcision, Ark of the Covenant: Indian Rituals of North America? Wow…

“You Resemble a Sinner of Canaan!” Mariano Edward Rivero and John James von Tschudi in Peruvian Antiquities (1857) point out that after the most thorough examination and minute comparison, the religious rites of the American Indians plainly present many points of agreement with those of the Hebrew people (p.9). Continue these authors: “Like the Jews, […]

Hebrews in the Americas 1,000 B.C.?

Hebrews in the Americas 1,000 B.C.? In 1973 I visited with Dr. Joseph Mahan in Atlanta, Georgia, an expert in ancient Indian ethnology of the southeastern Indians of the United States. He showed me samples of pottery uncovered from the waters around the Bahamas, and told me of Indian legends, including that of the Yuchis, […]

Biblical Evidence Confirms King Solomon’s Navy Traveled the Earth?

Biblical Evidence Confirms It Based on Biblical evidence, from the Scriptures, there can be no doubt. The ancient Israelite kingdom of king Solomon, noted for its wealth, peace, and power, and incredible trade empire, must have been involved in leaving this ancient world-wide evidence behind — including Hebrew customs, language, and practices. YEHOVAH God told […]

Ancient Maps of the "Sea Kings", Proof of King Solomon’s World-Wide Navy?

Ancient Maps of the “Sea Kings” In his book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, Charles H. Hapgood tells of the Piri Re’is map of 1513 A.D. Studies of this map show that it correctly gives latitudes and longitudes along the coasts of Africa and Europe, indicating that the original mapmaker must have found the correct […]

The Mystery of New Zealand’s Maoris, Ancient Israeli Influence? King Solomon’s Navy?

The Mystery of New Zealand’s Maoris There is evidence among the Maori and people of eastern Polynesia that the sun was deified as Tane and that Ra, the sun god, was the tutelary god of Borabora. The Maoris, also, made use of ancient solar observatories. “At Kerikeri, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, there […]

Discoveries in South America, Did King Solomon’s Navy Make it this Far?

Discoveries in South America In the past century, several Brazilians have found inscriptions on rocks along the Amazon river. Over a period of 50 years, four men, including two who were scientists, uncovered inscriptions which they independently concluded were Phoenician in origin. The first man, Francisco Pinto, in 1872 found over 20 caves deep in […]