The flag of Palestine, 1939

November 16, 2014/in Commentary, News, Policy, Politics /by Robert Spencer   Click Here to Get the Report, “Myths & Facts About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” For a larger view click on the image. This 1939 flag of Palestine shows that it was recognized as a Jewish entity even then, and that the name “Palestine” historically referred […]

Pastors, Is your theology wrong?

Is your theology wrong? Many pastors today justify not witnessing to Jewish people by stating that they are not called to any particular ethnic group, or that they are not called to that particular ethnic group. If this is you, then your theology is wrong. From God’s perspective there is no basis for such a […]

The Palestinian-Israeli Prophecies of the Bible

The Palestinian-Israeli Prophecies of the Bible Original article link: on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 by Bill Salus This article introduces two important Prophecies regarding the twin brothers of the Bible, Jacob and Esau. Jacob was renamed Israel in Genesis 32:28 and he fathered Israeli descendants. Esau, Jacob’s older twin brother, fathered the Edomites according to […]

What is the Oral Law? And, is it from God?

Orthodox Jews maintain that when God gave Moses the written commandments, he also gave him a secret Oral Tradition or Torah she-be’al pe. This was a purportedly a code of conduct and interpretation passed down from generation to generation. The Oral Law supposedly was God’s instruction on how to live out the 613 commandments in […]

The Making of the OT: Before Moses?

The Making of the OT: Before Moses A brief word about the Documentary Hypothesis (JEDP) is warranted at this point. The Reader should also consult two articles written much later than this series, for additional data: (1) On the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch [qmoses1.html];  and (2) The languages of the Patriarchs/Moses [abespeak.html] What we […]

Why Arguments Against Women in Ministry Aren’t Biblical

Why Arguments Against Women in Ministry Aren’t Biblical June 2, 2015 by Ben Witherington (This is a re-post of a piece I wrote for Beliefnet many years ago, back by popular demand. BW3) Most of you who know me, know that I did my doctoral thesis on women in the NT with C.K. Barrett at […]

Jesus vs. Yeshua?

Jesus vs. Yeshua? on 01 June 2015. “And you shall call his name…” announced the angel Gabriel, “Jesus”. No he didn’t. He said “Yeshua”. But then again, Gabriel wasn’t really called Gabriel either – in Hebrew it sounds different: “Gav-ree-el”. Mighty one of the Lord. But at least Gabriel sounds a BIT like Gav-ree-el. It’s […]