Jesus in the Jewish Wedding

Jesus in the Jewish Wedding: Messianic Fulfillment in the Bible and Tradition by [Rose, Tov]The Ancient Jewish Wedding is A Missing Link in Christianity.

– Did you know that the New Testament story is based on the Ancient Jewish Wedding Ceremony?
– Did you know that Jesus is called, “The Bridegroom?”
– Did you know that John the Baptist is the “Best Man?”
– Did you know that Passover is God’s pre-wedding Betrothal Ceremony with Israel, and that Jesus’ celebrating the “Last Supper” with his disciples was a pre-wedding Betrothal Ceremony with his disciples/the apostles?
– Did you know that by participating in the pre-wedding Betrothal Ceremony by taking the Covenantal Cup and the Bread (the Communion), that you are agreeing to be married to Messiah in a binding Covenant?
– Did you know that Jesus didn’t just fulfill the Scriptures concerning the Ancient Wedding, but also fulfilled the man-made ancient Traditions regarding the Jewish Wedding?

It is the Jewish Wedding Ceremony that holds the entire New Testament together. It is the foundation of relationship with Jesus.

Unfortunately, even though this topic is familiar to many, few Christians have considered that the elements of the ancient Jewish Wedding, and the several related Biblical feasts, that are very much part of the Wedding story of Jesus and His Bride. The language used by Jesus (Yeshua) and Jewish writers of the New Testament in regards to The Bride (the Church/Believers in Messiah) are best understood if you have an historical understanding of The Jewish Wedding as found in Scripture and in Jewish Tradition.

Yeshua (Jesus) – told His disciples – that He did not know the day or hour of His return (Mat. 24:32-36) – this is not so much to say He does not have all knowledge – but as with any Ancient Jewish bridegroom – He must wait for His Father to give the word that the set time has come for him to take his Bride home.

Do you want to learn more about how you are betrothed to Messiah, Jesus?

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