Obama Not Showing Up to Court in Georgia is BAD for Obama. Here’s Why…

Just a little thought that is probably going through the largest cohesive voting group in the USA (That would be the Conservatives, not the Liberals). Yes, 43% of Americans are Conservative. Now, you might think that the rest would be Liberals, right? Wrong. The rest of population is divided into other groups, Liberals being just […]

Would you read a chapter of my book if I post it online?

Forward Ever had a conversation like that…with the air? I know I have. The world has a way of beating innocence out of us, doesn’t it? When I was a kid my father introduced me to science fiction. One of my first memories was of sitting on dad’s lap watching Star Trek. Fantasy was always […]

Introduction “Christians who walk in rejection and dwell in their past, not forgiving those who have erred against them, will be emotionally weak against any attack of the adversary. Often they go from one prayer line to another, one personal prophecy to another, seeking the ultimate will of God or personal affirmation to lift their […]