Believing God, by RT Kendall

I hope you don’t mind my posting something from a man I greatly respect, RT Kendall.    Home  \  Believing God 4 Not all Christians believe as I do – in “once saved, always saved”. I have written a book on it – not to convince people but to assure those who want to believe […]

I wanted to take a moment and highlight one of my favorite Musicians. Hope she doesn’t mind…Go visit her site and like her on her facebook, reverbnation, youtube, etc…! Bio Kyra Goldman is a singer/songwriter who plays original music in a unique style she calls “gospel-folk.” Often referred to as a “Christian Joni Mitchell” she […]

Radio Interview Tomorrow 1/29/2013

Mark your calendars for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29, 2013! Listen to me like in Minneapolis on KKMS-AM 980, from 4:15 – 5:00PM. You can listen Live: Drive Time! Paul and I will be talking about a whole lot of stuff covering subjects from Bible to Bible Prophesy and why I’m doing a new translation of […]

Encouragement from my friend Justin in the UK

*Great time up the North! Our team is back home after a significant time up North England. We went to the North Of England after the Angel of the North came to Jane Schroeder the night before we had the invite. We knew it was written in heaven to go. We were ‘following the cloud’ and the […]

Obama’s Slippery Slope?

When President Obama went to Egypt in 2009, he lauded the Muslim role in American history. He boasted that Rep. Keith Ellison had taken the oath of office on Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Koran.The president conveniently neglected to mention why it was that Mr. Jefferson had a copy of the Koran. As a U.S. […]