Encouragement from my friend Justin in the UK

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*Great time up the North!

Our team is back home after a significant time up North England. We went to the North Of England after the Angel of the North came to Jane Schroeder the night before we had the invite. We knew it was written in heaven to go. We were ‘following the cloud’ and the angels were waiting for us! 
We loved the hosting church- the Bay Church in Whitley Bay. We had never been to them before so you never know what to expect. But we found a passionate joy filled community on a mission!
Since they’ve been Street Pastoring the crime in the local area at night has dropped 67%. Amazing! They run feeding for the poor, pregnancy support and are now moving into providing clothing and more. Real deal stuff. Gritty, Honest and Loving. The kind of place we would feel at home. 
We spent a few days in the region and I have to stay I am encouraged. I felt Holy Spirit could really be himself and he came in glory and power. We saw a number of healings, much joy (and the usual fun and Holy Spirit frolics) and clear prophetic revelation for individuals. 
One sweet treat was when Andrew McKie (*Scotland Ablaze) sang an old hymn during the second night. There’s a lotAndrew McKie of juice on those old songs and Andrew carries that Spirit from the Apostolic moves in Wales. A deep well that is full to the brim with bliss. 
I am certain the North is going to become over the next decade a melting pot of glory invasion, apostolic release and new shoots of a greater move.  There is something going on up North! I can see it! Years ago I met Bob Jones and he told us he saw lights across the North, cities being transformed by God. We see it too. The Northern Lights are going to shine. Look out for the Northern tribes. 
Bay ChurchAs part of this journey I also had the honour of being invited to a church leaders gathering event in Newcastle. They embraced us and really made space for us to speak. Again surely a sign that something is changing. I did not feel suspicion. I felt hunger and faith there and a willingness to honour and journey the future together. I prayed for each one and it was a powerful time. Really deep. They have asked me to come back and minister at a leaders day. 
I also got to stay with beautiful friends in Cramlington Paula and Al. A couple who live the pure gospel and are giving everything to help people adopt and care for children. They have 5 adopted kids, and look after a disabled friend in their home, and they are all lovely. I enjoy staying with these guys so much. Thanks Paula and Al and your community for having me again! Nice curry! Lots of space. Lots of love. I always feel at home with you. 
So I feel really happy writing this today. Jesus has Britain in his eyes of that I am sure. We are seeing more angels and heavenly signs. Things are heating up. It’s Britain’s day- wildfire revival. It’s just a matter of time.
Keep looking, keep looking a new thing is coming… 
Cheers Justin 
(*Thanks for the Scottish, Stockton and Manchester guys for helping and being a part of the team. You guys rock!!)



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