10 Bible verses on setting yourself apart from the crowd

As Christians, we know that we’re often required to do things differently to everyone else. In fact, we’re specifically instructed not to conform to the ways of the world (Romans 12:2), but the pull of the crowd can be hard to resist. From what we wear and what we watch to where we hang out […]

The Feast of Trumpets is a Rehearsal to Hear Messiah’s Voice?

Is it possible that the God’s command to blow the Trumpet (shofar) on the Feast of Trumpets (The Jewish New Year), is actually not just about blowing Trumpets? What if it is a rehearsal that is supposed to prepare us to hear Messiah’s voice? A voice like a trumpet In Revelation 4:1, the apostle John […]

The Day Caiaphas Resigned as High Priest, Leaving Jesus as the ONLY High Priest In Israel

We know that G-D established a format of worship in which there were the regular Israelite men, women and children, the Levites who served and worked in the Tabernacle and later the Temples, and there were the Cohanim (Priests) who performed the sacrifices and offerings in the Tabernacle and Temples. Then there was one man […]

When Ancient Jewish Scholars and Ancient New Testament Writers Agree, What Should WE Conclude?

The concept of God having a Son is enshrined in the Hebrew Masoretic Text. There are two spelling for the Divine Name, 1) Yehovah, 2) Yehoveeh.The spelling Yehovah, in the Masoretic text represents the more ancient concept predating the Masoretes, of Gods Son and Regent, his Voice that speaks to creation, which John calls, The […]

‘The Words of Strengthened Israel’ and Was Hebrews Written by Paul? Yes… by Dr. John David Pritcher, Jr., MD

A guest post By John David Pitcher Jr., MD, from “The Oldest Midrash. The Identity of the Messiah” Most of us like to look through family albums. How we have changed throughout the years! Many of us have gotten a few more wrinkles and gray hairs, not to mention that dreaded extra weight! I’ve included […]

“Through ‘The Oldest Midrash’ Can We Prove that the Apostle Paul Went to Mount Sinai?”, by Dr. John David Pritcher, Jr, MD

Tradition (1) has it that the Apostle Paul went to Mount Sinai like Moses and Elijah (1 Kings 19:5-13 just before he anointed Elisha with his sheepskin mantle; see footnote 2 regarding that mantle) before him. Is it true and can we prove it through the Apostle Paul’s Midrash that is present in six of […]

Identity of the Messiah from ‘The Oldest Midrash,’ by Dr. John David Pitcher, Jr, MD

Section from Holman Hunt’s painting, “The Light of the World” Dr. Pitcher By John David Pitcher Jr. I remember as a boy learning how to set the dinner table. On holidays, I got to help set the china and the silverware. Family would come over and we would dine together. Of course there was an […]

“The Prophetic Transference of Elijah’s Mantle”, The Oldest Midrash by Dr. By John David Pitcher Jr., MD

Dr. Pitcher By John David Pitcher Jr., MD   Here is another devotional and a new sketch that is meant to capture the last rays of the sunset on Elijah’s forehead and left hand (and a little on the fingertips of his right hand and a little shimmer on the nearby vegetation!) After a very […]

“All Scripture is Inspired by God,” The Oldest Midrash, By Dr. John David Pitcher Jr

In June of 2017 my wife and I attended a cross-cultural training course for four weeks in a small town in North Carolina. The training was logically well thought out in a linear fashion, teaching us how to build cross-cultural bridges so that we could build relationships with those of another culture so that we […]

Surprising New Testament Discovery! The Oldest Recorded Midrash in History Hidden in Plain Site

(Bible Geeks, Share your thoughts in the comments section below?) I’d like to introduce you to my new friend, Dr. John David Pitcher, Jr., MD. I’ve asked David to share several of his insights with my readers, I especially want to introduce  those of you in Messianic leadership  to David’s work. You’ll see his introductory insights […]