What was the Very First Religion and Language on Planet Earth?

Did you know that a poster of the new Europe portrays the ancient Tower of Babel, with the slogan, “Many Tongues, One Voice”? I was quietly pondering that when my wife Josephine asked, “What was the very first human tongue? I looked up. “You mean, what was the very first human language?” “Yes,” she replied. “Or do […]

Real History: How City Dwelling Humans Became Rural Savages

“It’s way out!” shrieked Mari. “Come, look! This has to be the place.” For as long as the eleven year old could remember, his family had been uprooting and trekking. They had turned their backs on the city. No sooner did they find a choice spot to settle, than others would come and edge them out. This time, it […]

Israeli-Based Anti-Missionary Orthodox Jews ADMIT: Hundreds of their people are coming to Jesus!

Panic in Petach Tikva: Ultra-Orthodox Oppose Messianic Presence in Major Israeli City Kehila News Israel Staff Original Link: https://kehilanews.com/2016/06/20/panic-in-petach-tikva-ultra-orthodox-oppose-messianic-presence-in-major-israeli-city/ Jun 20, 2016 Petach Tikva’s acting Mayor Uriel Boso A few weeks ago MyNet, Petach Tikva’s Hebrew online news site, published an article, in which haredi (ultra-orthodox) leaders sounded an alarm over what they called “missionary activity” […]

Jewish Wedding Traditions, by Lambert Dolphin

Jewish Wedding Traditions Compared to the Relationship between Jesus Christ and his Bride the Church Event in Jewish Wedding Application to us as Christians Scripture References 1. The Beginning: The groom’s father made and approved choice of the bride. Christ is the bridegroom. Church is the bride. The Father makes and approves the choice. John […]


Worldwide, most ancient cities have vanished. Not so Bashan, in Syria. It is literally crowded with towns and large villages – most of them, until recently, deserted. Yet they are not ruined! Many of the houses in these cities are perfect, as if only finished yesterday. The walls are sound, the roofs unbroken, the doors, […]


By Stuart Dauerman

  WRITTEN BY STUART DAUERMANN PUBLISHED IN HIS BLOG Original Article Link: http://www.interfaithfulness.org/2016/05/07/what-was-the-secret-sauce-of-first-century-jesus-movement/ Secret Sauce. (Noun) – “A special feature or technique kept secret by an organization and regarded as being the chief factor in its success.” In the first century, the believers in Yeshua did not keep their “special feature” secret. As a result, from a […]

1st Century Jewish Believers Traversed the Entire Earth with the Gospel?

In recent years, reports have come in from explorers, anthropologists and archaeologists that suggest Paul was not exaggerating. The early Christians carried the good news everywhere. Even their enemies conceded that they “turned the world upside down”.12 The apostle Paul could later write that the word had been taken “to every creature which is under […]