Ancient Legends are Usually Based on Core Facts – One Original Religion and Language for All People?

LEGENDS ARE USUALLY BASED ON A CORE OF FACT Pertinently, William Prescott, the great Americanologist, reminds us: “A nation may pass away and leave only the memory of its existence, but the stories of science it has gathered up will endure forever.”3   You see, folklore is a fossil of history; it preserves history in the […]

Jesus in the Jewish Wedding: Marriage in the Bible and Ancient Marriage and Jewish Wedding Customs

Friends, so my last email about Jesus in the Jewish Wedding, I asked if you would please help me by coming over to my website, reading a chapter of the book’s text and commenting below the post. Well, a few of you did that. Many of you emailed me and a few of you private […]

Why must the Next Temple be built In Jerusalem? Can’t it be somewhere else?

So many Christians like to speculate on the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. So do lots of Jewish people. Where in the bible does it say that it has to be built in Jerusalem? The last two were there, yes. But where does it say unequivocally the third will be built? Or the fourth? […]

Is there more to Egypt’s Great Pyramid than you realize?

Do you know why air plane pilots are warned not to fly over Egypt’s Great Pyramid? That’s right, the Civil Airline Department has banned all planes from flying over the pyramids. As you read on, see if you can discover why. AMAZING PYRAMID WONDERS The largest structure at Giza, in Egypt, is the Cheops pyramid. […]

New Book: Would you help me finish it? About: Jesus in the Jewish Wedding

I am working on this book about Jesus fulfilling the Jewish Wedding. I’ve pulled together several writings I’ve done over the years as a place to start, but something keeps holding me back from actually hitting the “publish” button. So, I want to ask you: “Would you help me?” What follows next is the book’s introduction. […]