God the Father is NOT the God of the Old Testament?

Your thoughts on this? Many people believe that when Adam and Eve were walking and talking with God, that they were relating to GOD the Father. That is actually, not correct. The Jewish community teaches that the God of the Old Testament is God the Father. That is where this doctrine of God teaching comes […]

Has The Church Replaced Israel?

Guest blog by Dr. David R. Reagan of Lion and Lamb Ministries I recently spoke at a conference where I was assigned the topic, “Israel in the End Times.” I think I startled a lot of people when I began my presentation by asking the question, “Is there really any role for Israel in God’s […]

Is Hebrew the First Human Language? Did ALL Humanity Once Worship the Same God?

Did you know that a poster of the new Europe portrays the ancient Tower of Babel, with the slogan, “Many Tongues, One Voice”? I was quietly pondering that when my wife Josephine asked, “What was the very first human tongue? I looked up. “You mean, what was the very first human language?” “Yes,” she replied. […]