Notes in the Correct Interpretation of John 1:1

<< He was the same as God appears in most translations as “the Word was God” [Revised Standard Version (RSV), JB, NAB]. NEB renders by “what God was, the Word was” and Mft “the Logos was divine” [Goodspeed(Gdsp) “the Word was divine”]. Zürcher Bibel [Zür] has “the Word was God,” with a footnote indicating that […]

ONE LAW For JEWS AND NON-JEWS? What Scriptures Really Say?

A Challenge to the Messianic Jewish Community By Daniel Juster and Russ Resnik, reprinted from

One of the glories of life in the Messianic Jewish community is the unity of worship and service between its Jewish and Gentile members within a specifically Jewish context. In recent years, however, a trend has developed that challenges the Messianic Jewish communissue. This trend involves various groups and movements that teach that all Jews […]

“Harmonizing” the Book of Revelation? Familiar with it?

Anyone familiar with Pastor John Shorey’s work of Harmonizing the Book of Revelation by removing the non-Jesus spoken, angelic revelations, and moving them to their proper Chronological place in the book of Revelation? This is from his introduction of the 140 page book: “The book of Revelation is not your typical book of the Bible, […]

What if YEHOVAH, or however you pronounce it, is the FAMILY name?

  Here is a thought to consider: “YEHOVAH, or however you pronounce it, is the FAMILY name.” Here are what some ancient Jewish scholars have to say on the subject: “Said Rabbi Yohanan: ‘Three will be named with the name of the Holy One, blessed be he, and they are: The Upright, the Messiah, and […]

Did the name Jesus name originate from the Greek god Zeus?

Did the name Jesus name originate from the Greek god Zeus?   The answer is NO.   The word “Jesus” is the product of a long transliteration process.   First, we started with the original Hebrew Y’HOSHUA.   Second, Y’HOSHUA was shortened to Y’SHUA. (Just like Mike is the short version Michael)   Third, Y’SHUA […]

A Jewish Believer’s view of “Hebrew Roots” “Sojourners” and “Torah Observant Gentiles”

The following is a guest post from my friend, Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Joe Bell, concerning the issue of Non Jewish believers who operate a “Jewish style” assembly for the purpose of worship. He says, “They ARE A CHURCH, (regardless of denomination). And there are a particular bunch who pretend to be Jewish and believe they are […]