“Harmonizing” the Book of Revelation? Familiar with it?

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Anyone familiar with Pastor John Shorey's work of Harmonizing the Book of Revelation by removing the non-Jesus spoken, angelic revelations, and moving them to their proper Chronological place in the book of Revelation?

This is from his introduction of the 140 page book:
"The book of Revelation is not your typical book of the Bible, for Jesus appeared in a vision to John and gave him the contents of this book. If you will follow along with me on this study, I will show you that it was not just Jesus who gave John the book of Revelation, but John was interrupted twice by an angel who gave John further revelation.

What I will show you concerning these two interruptions by an angel is that what they gave John was revelation that was out of the chronological order of what Jesus was revealing to John.

I will conclude by showing how we can reposition these angelic revelations in chronological order as sort of footnotes that will further illuminate the revelation that Jesus was revealing to John.

Some say the book of Revelation is too confusing to be understood, thus causing many to avoid reading it all together. I have even heard Bible teachers say the book of Revelation is allegorical and not relevant for us today. I would take issue with anyone who would dare say that any of God’s Word would be irrelevant.

I liken the book of Revelation to the parables Jesus used to teach his disciples and followers. Jesus disciples asked him one time why Jesus taught in parables. Jesus answered them in Mark 4:10-12, (NIV), “When he was alone, the Twelve and the others around him asked him about the parables. He told them, “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding...”

Both Daniel, who wrote the book of Daniel, and John, who wrote the book of Revelation, was told that mysteries and questions from these books would be sealed until the time of the end. I believe with all my heart that we are now at the time of the end. In fact, I believe we have already entered the birth pains of the last days. I believe we are now at the time that God is unveiling the secrets that have been sealed in God’s Holy Word."

The following is from his section called, "Reading guide for any Translation"
To read the book of Revelation in any preferred translation, you can use the list of Scripture references below to bring you through the Book of Revelation in chronological order, in the translation of your choice.

1. Revelation 1:1…...5:14
2. Revelation 12:1….13:2
3. Revelation 6:1.……6:2
4. Revelation 13:3...13:18
5. Revelation 14:6.….14:7
6. Revelation 6:3.….... 7:8
7. Revelation 11:1… 11:14
8. Revelation 14:8….14:13
9. Revelation 17:1…19:1-10
10. Revelation 14:14 14:16
11. Revelation 7:9…….…8:1
12. Revelation 11:16 11:19
13. Revelation 8:2……..10:11
14. Revelation 11:15
15. Revelation 15:1….16:21
16. Revelation 19:11 19:16
17. Revelation 14:17…14:20
18. Revelation 19:17….20:3
19. Revelation 14:1…..14:5
20. Revelation 20:4… 22:21

From his Book, Unlocking the. Mystery of the Book of Revelation, 2014


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